About Us ♥

Meet The Neubauers!

Danielle -
27, attended Ohio University, majored in Human Biology, started career in biomedical research lab, currently works as a clinical research coordinator, loves photography, obsessed with Harry Potter, can play the trumpet, loves softball, has two sisters, is a middle child.

Adam -
26, attended Ohio University for both his MBA and undergrad in MIS & Finance, works for an insurance company as a associate project manager senior, loves country music, enjoys acting, played percussion, he has one older sister.

Our Life -
We are both originally from Conneaut, OH. We now live in a suburb of Cleveland with our adorable cats, Obadiah (Obi) and Nicodemus (Codi)! We both work full time. Most of our family and friends are a short drive away so we spend a lot of time with them. We also like to discover new places in Cleveland. Traveling is important to both of us and so far during our marriage we have cruised four times visiting Key West, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico, Honduras, Belize and Orlando FL.

How We Met -
The summer after 5th grade Danielle was accepted in to Allegro, a summer gifted program. Adam was already in Allegro from the previous year. We both chose to take Drama as one of our classes. The drama teacher paired us up in a short skit about Betsy and John Ross. Danielle was Betsy and Adam was John. During the skit Betsy and John bickered, and we're pretty sure it was foreshadowing for our future together.

About The Blog - 
Adam and I started dating on January 1, 2007. We dated all through college, and tied the knot on May 14, 2011. While we were, so called, dating we didn't actually go on many dates. We were full time students at Ohio University, worked at least 20-30 hours a week, and participated in many student organizations. We didn't have time to go on dates.
In this blog you will find a complete description of our weekly date nights. Each week we plan a date and then post it here to entertain you, and help us remember our adventures together!
We try to avoid boring dinner and a movie dates. Exciting and creative date ideas are more fun to prepare, participate in, and (for all of you) read about!

Hopefully, this blog will give you an insight on our life together, and maybe help you out with your dating life! Please feel free to use any ideas you see in this blog!

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