Friday, December 28, 2012

Date 67 - Here We Go Brownies, Here We Go!

Date: Sunday, December 9, 2012
Type: Sports, City, Fun
Cost: $$
Planned By: Both

Adam and I are both life long Cleveland Browns fans. We are quite loyal, but we had never been to a game together. Since we live downtown it was the perfect opportunity.

We decided to go to the game against Kansas City since their record is worse than ours, and we had hope for a win. We went to to find tickets.  I totally recommend this website! It was super easy and we got about $50 off each ticket!

To get ready for the game we bought Adam a new t-shirt because both of his jerseys are for players no longer on the team. I couldn't find anything reasonably priced to buy for my self so I borrowed a shirt and hat from our friend Lauren.

Instead of tailgating at the Municipal Lot we had pizza and chips with salsa con queso for lunch at home. Then we went to the bar downstairs for a couple beers where a bunch of other fans were doing the same.

We ended up being a bit late for the game, but good news we missed the only time Kansas City scored! We had really good seats around the 45 yard line of the upper sideline. The view was great. Surprisingly, the weather was pretty good for a December game (upper 40s!). It started raining during the last quarter, but we were prepared with ponchos!

The Browns did an awesome job. One of the best games I've watched! I'm so glad that Adam and I got to go to this game together.. it was so much fun and they actually won!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Date 66 - Oh, Fudge!!

Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2012
Type: City, Home
Cost: $$
Planned By: Dani

First Christmas date of the year!

Adam and I got a Groupon for 50% off tickets to see the "A Christmas Story" house and museum in Tremont. Neither of us had ever been so when we saw the Groupon we had to get it.
First, we toured the house. It was very interesting and interactive. We were allowed to pick up the leg lamp, play with the The Red Ryder BB gun (don't worry Adam didn't shoot his eye out), pretend to put soap in our mouth, and sit and touch anything we wanted. It was pretty fun and they did a great job making it look exactly like the house in the movie.
Next, we went through the museum. They has so many props and pictures from the making of the movie. We got to see the clothes they wore, actual toys from the Higbee building, and large props like the chalkboard from Ralphie's classroom. They also had a gift shop with a wide selection of memorabilia but we didn't buy anything.
Then we went home and decorated our apartment for the holidays. We had to start off with my favorite holiday drink - Peppermint Hot Cocoa. Just add a little peppermint schnapps to hot cocoa and you have the most amazing drink for the holidays! Before we could start decorating we decided to rearrange our entire living area. We had to move the office in to our bedroom for the winter to have enough room for our trees. Once that was finished and we cleaned up a bit we began decorating! We used most of the same decorations as last, but I also made a few new things to display. I made new stockings to match our new lime and purple living room, candy vases, and cute Ho Ho Ho picture frames. We listened to Christmas music and finished decorating together. We had lots of fun, and Obi was quite curious the entire time. I think that our apartment looks very festive and I'm very happy with how it turned out. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Date 65 - Happy Turkey!

Date: Thursday, November 22nd - Saturday, November, 24thType: Family, Holidays
Cost: $
Planned By: Both

Our Second Thanksgiving together. We decided to bring Obi to Conneaut for the weekend to meet everyone!
At the beginning of Thanksgiving we had a brunch with Adam's mom. I made sausage gravy over biscuits. They were just as good as always :) We watched some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and followed Obi around the house as he explored for a couple hours.

Next, we packed Obi back up and left for my mom's house for the rest of Thanksgiving Day. Adam, Michelle, Jim, Amanda, Zak and I all started off the afternoon with a two mile Turkey Trot. We got t-shirts and prizes for the second annual event. The first mile we all walked together. The second mile was a race to the finish line. Michelle and Jim cheated on the second mile and drove after the rest of us jogged away. Adam and I ultimately won since we didn't cheat and came in first. So we got the turkey trot mug and the others got a turkey trot pen. It was all pretty silly, but we had a good time. :)
Next, we had dinner at my grandma's. We.. I mean I made these cute little turkey name holders for each person's place setting. They are made with two oreos, a reese cup, a whopper, candy corn and frosting. They were much easier to make then I was expecting them to be. Everything tasted great. We then spent more time with my family for the rest of the night.
On Friday we went shopping in Erie like we do every year. Adam and I mostly bought stuff for ourselves but we found a few things for other people. When we got sick of shopping we went to our annual breakfast at Old Country Buffet. It was the meal I had been waiting for all week, and it was delicious! Friday night we stayed with Adam's parents. We went to the American Legion and had fun talking to their friends and we watched the Conneaut Christmas Parade. It was cold and wet.

Saturday we went to the Neubauer Family Thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice seeing everyone and we got to eat even more delicious food! We left a little early to get back to Cleveland in time for the Public Square tree lighting. We got home just in time to run over to Public Square right as we walked in they were counting down. The lights are beautiful and really made it feel like the holiday season! Next, we decided to go lose $20 at the casino, but that's OK because we left the casino just in time to see the fireworks display over all the Christmas lights in Public Square.
We then went home and relaxed for the rest of the weekend. It was a very nice Thanksgiving weekend. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Date 64 - Tale As Old As Time.

Date: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
Type: Art, Culture, Out on the Town
Cost: $$
Planned By: Dani

Living in the playhouse district of Cleveland is wonderful. We really want to take advantage of it while we are living here. We've already seen The Addam's Family and the playhouse has a great list of musicals for this upcoming year.
We decided to go see Beauty and The Beast at the Palace Theater. We decided pretty late and ended up having to go on a Tuesday night and having pretty far back seats. And when I see pretty far back I mean we were in the last row of balcony C. They were cheap though.. only $10 a piece! Also the view was still pretty good. Beauty and The Beast is one of my favorite stories from childhood. I haven't seen it in years, and I actually learned some things while watching the musical.
When we arrived we went to the bar to see what featured drinks they had. Break The Spell and Be Our Guest were the two special drinks for the night. We each got one. They were both pretty good, and luckily we both liked separate ones better so we didn't have to share.
The musical was impressive. The singing was amazing and the dance numbers were beautiful. I really love musicals. I think there is just something magical about people performing on a stage. Every time I see a play or musical I wish I still participated in them. Maybe someday I'll audition for a community theater. :) Until then I will just enjoy watching them.
I can't wait until our next trip to the Playhouse!