Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Date 84 - Hold Your Horses!

Date: Friday, April 12, 2013
Type: Out On The Town
Cost: $$
Planned By: Adam

Our second show for our Broadway Series season tickets was War Horse. Friday night we went over to the Palace Theater in Playhouse Square for the show.
I wasn't sure what to expect because I haven't read the book or seen the movie. I like theater so I figured I would enjoy it anyway.
Let me tell you, this was a wonderful show! It wasn't a typical musical that I'm used to seeing. It only had a few songs, but the were beautiful. The acting was really well done. The horses are amazing. All of the horses used in the production are puppets, but they seemed extremely life like! I was fascinated by the sounds and the movements of them.
It had a great story, that made me a teary. It also had some great comedic parts to help you get through the sadness. I would definitely recommend this show!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Date 83 - Lay Off The High Ones!

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2013
Type: At Home
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani
In honor of the opening of baseball season I planned a baseball themed date. It was a simple but fun date.
First, we had a traditional baseball lunch. Hot dogs and potato chips. Yum!
Second, we played baseball on Wii Sports. We wanted to go to the batting cages, but we didn't have any cash... so the Wii had to do. Adam kicked my butt, but if we had been in the batting cages I'm sure the scores would have been reversed.
Last, we rented Trouble With The Curve. I love baseball movies, and this one was very good. I liked the characters and their interactions. It was a bit predictable, but still enjoyable. I would recommend it.
There you have it... a nice baseball themed date!
If you want to do this date here are some other options:

Instead of Wii Baseball: go play catch outside, go to batting cages or go to a game
Instead of Trouble With The Curve: Major League, A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, Angels in the Outfield, Bad News Bears, Fever Pitch... the list of baseball movies goes on and on and on!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Date 82 - You're My Favorite Peep!

Date: Friday, March 29, 2013
Type: At Home, Theme
Cost: $$
Planned By: Dani

Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you. Last year we had a traditional Easter date. This year, we incorporated some new activities inspired by one of the most unique Easter treats, Peeps!

During the new PEEPTASTIC portion of the date there were three parts.
1. Peep Martini - They were really cute, but blending the peep in the drink didn't work out that well. The liquid and peep separated and we had to eat the alcohol infused marshmallow at the top. It was decent before that. (The drink consisted of 1 ounce vanilla vodka, 1 oz milk, .5 oz Creme De Cocoa and one peep blended together with a couple pieces of ice)
2. Peep Smores - I love smores! They would have been better if we didn't have to use the microwave to heat up the peep.
3. Chocolate Covered Peeps - We dipped the peeps in chocolate then froze them. I thought they were great, but Adam didn't like them at all.
We also colored eggs and had a little Easter egg hunt. Coloring eggs is lots of fun for adults and kids. We did the normal vinegar and food coloring technique. For the Easter egg hunt we each hid a few eggs in different parts of the apartment to see who could find theirs the fastest. Don't worry none got flushed down the toilet this year. Adam won. Boo.