Thursday, September 10, 2015

Date 153 - It's Pizza Time!

Date: Friday, September 4, 2015
Type: At Home, Theme
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani

Got Netflix? Got any type of pizza anything? You got this date!
For an easy and lazy Friday night date Adam and I chose to watch a movie and eat snacks based on the movie. Simple.

1. Get all the pizza flavored snacks and pizza things you can find at Giant Eagle that are reasonably priced. I found pizza combos, pizza pringles, bagel bites, pizza bites and pizza. We both felt a little crappy afterword but that's to be expected (and I blame it on the combos).

2. Watch the new-ish Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie on Netflix.
I thought the movie was actually pretty good. Now, I haven't seen TNMT since I was a kid so it was a nice blast from the past. I liked the action scenes and the subtle jokes for adults. I'd recommend it for a lazy night in.
Boom! Shell-shocked!! Perfect if you have kids, too.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Date 152 - Two Become One x5

Date: Summer 2015
Type: Wedding Season!
Cost: $$$$$$
Planned By: All the brides and grooms (but mostly the brides)!

DISCLAIMER: These are all my photos. 

First, you may be wondering where we've been all summer since I have posted like zero times. Well, this post should give a clue.

Adam and I had the pleasure of attending several weddings this wedding season - and by several I mean 4 for him and 5 for me. Here are some highlights of each wedding!

May 30th - Kris & Sami
Adam's cousin Kris married Sami in Conneaut, Ohio. It was a beautiful day with a very nice church ceremony and a fun reception at the Conneaut Human Resources Center. We really enjoyed spending time with the family!
July 11 - Penny & Ryan
We were so excited for our college friends', Penny & Ryan, wedding in Columbus, Ohio. I was asked to photograph Penny getting ready before the photographer got there. I had a blast (and so did my flash bulb) then met up with Adam and our friends to get ready and pre-game (because that's what the Bride would have wanted). The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony and it was super cute and quick! Our group walked over to the bar to have a drink before it was time for cocktail hour and the reception. The reception was full of dancing, drinking and laughter. We had a great time - except that moment when Rachel and I dropped salad dressing all over her dress and Adam's pants. Oops.

August 8th - Rachel & Danny
Having two friends from our college group getting married within a month of each other was amazing! We were all so excited to add Danny to our bobcat family! They had a beautiful Catholic ceremony. The reception was awesome with dancing, drinking, fried chicken, mac n' cheese and summer shandy. I also enjoyed taking lots and lots of photos after the photographers left. After the reception ended (at midnight) we walked across the street to the bar for more celebrating - then woke up early to drive home. :(
August 15th - Jenn & Rob
I was honored to photograph Jenn & Rob's wedding day. I met up with Jenn at 9:30AM and stayed with them until 10PM. It was my second full wedding as the photographer and it was amazing. Go check out my photography blog to see more from their big day!
August 29th - Sarah & Bryan
Last but definitely not least was Sarah & Bryan's wedding! A little background: Adam, Sarah and I have been friends for many years. Sarah and Adam met in Kindergarten. Then the three of us became good friends (along with Cooper) in middle school. We got to meet Bryan last year and now they are practically our neighbors since they recently moved to our city. Their wedding was in Erie, PA. It was an adorable church ceremony AND they had delicious ice cream sandwiches passed out at the end! They reception was a lot of fun with (surprising and amazing) line dances, a beautiful hand made photo booth and delicious food. We're so happy we were able to attend!
That's it people. We had a wonderful summer celebrating the marriages with all our friends! We wish them all a lifetime of happiness!