Monday, November 10, 2014

Date 136 - Slap Shot.

Date: Friday, November 7, 2014
Type: Out On The Town, Sports
Cost: $
Planned By: Tash & Bobby

Hockey is not a huge sport in Cleveland, but we do have an American Hockey League team: The Lake Erie Monsters. When Bobby got four free tickets and Tasha invited us to go with them we were pretty excited for the chance to see them play. I had never been to a hockey game, and Adam only went one time when he was pretty little.

We met up with Tash & Bobby downtown and walked over to the Q. We found our seats which were pretty awesome - right near the ice by the goalie.
Fridays at the Monsters games are dollar dog and dollar soda night. We all made sure to take advantage of that perk. We enjoyed watching the game and found it to be quite intense. There were players being bashed in to the glass and a couple fights broke out - it was all very exciting. We also made it on the jumbo-tron a few times which ended up being a little embarrassing. 
We didn't stay for the whole game because it was taking forever (there were some problem with the glass which caused delays) and also we were down by three with little hope to come back. The final score was 4-1 and Utica (where the hell is that?) won. 
Despite leaving early, the game was a lot of fun and I would definitely go back. 
While we were downtown we decided to go over to City Tap for a beer before leaving. Adam always likes to try new beers since they have so many on tap. He got the Revolution Anti Hero IPA and I got (surprise) Fat Head's Bumble Berry. Next, we met up with our friend Dave at the Clevelander for a drink. Then we went over to Lauren's for a couple hours just because we were nearby. Overall, it was a good night!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Date 135 - Let The Dawgs Run Wild!

Date: November 1, 2014
Type: Theme, Exercise
Cost: $
Planned By: Bernie Kosar

We are big Cleveland Browns fans. When we heard about the Bernie Kosar 5K shuffle in downtown Cleveland we knew we had to do it. We have done a couple other runs in the past - Cleveland 5K, Run or Dye 5K and the Sombrero Shuffle. We thought having the Browns theme would be awesome. Adam's parents also signed up for the race with us. We all got ready in the morning and made our way to downtown. Here are some of our before pictures:
The race was 3.1 miles around downtown. It started and ended at Voinovich Park. Being Cleveland and the beginning of November the weather did not disappoint. We ran in a wind chill of 32 degrees with rain and strong gusts of wind. It was horrible. 
I have decided that I much prefer the spring/summer 5Ks. All four of us did finish and received our super cool medals! We were also lucky enough to get a couple of the Bernie Beers. We didn't stick around to meet Bernie who was hanging out in his (probably warm) bus.  Here are some of the after photos:

Looking back this 5K was kind of fun. I'm not sure if I will do it again because of the time of year and potential for terrible weather again. If they could guarantee nice weather I'm sure it would be a lot more fun - but what can you expect from Cleveland.

On Sunday we had an early Tailgate Birthday Party for Michelle and Zak at our house. We had lots of good food including Jet's pizza, party pretzels, buffalo chicken dip, salad and Cinnastack cupcakes! We all enjoyed watching the Browns win together, but I didn't take any pictures - oops!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Date 134 - Eat, Drink & Be Scary!

Date: October 31st - November 1st
Type: Holiday/Group
Cost: $$
Planned By: A bunch of people

October 31st -
This was our first Halloween in our house! I was super pumped to pass out candy. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love seeing the creativity in costumes - and I love being creative and making costumes. So we decorated the house with some spider webs, little monsters and pumpkins. We also put some scary music on, turned on a black light and had a strobe light flashing in our spare bedroom window. Adam and I dressed up as a pastry chef and doughnut and sat on the porch with our bucket of candy. It was so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up in adorable and scary costumes. And the kids and parents enjoyed our decorations and costumes. The weather was pretty bad, but we still got a good amount of trick-or-treaters.
If you would like to make your own doughnut costume all you need is a pool inner tube, paint and straws for sprinkles. It took a few layers of paint and I had to re-glue some of the sprinkles but it was a pretty easy DIY costume. Check out some of our past Halloween costumes here and here.

November 1st -
Saturday was the Second Annual Towne Beer Olympics (check out last year's Beer Olympics). This year because it was on Halloween weekend we we encouraged to dress up. I messaged some of my teammates about potential team costumes and we decided on the super clever idea of being Care Beers/Beer Bears/Care Beer Bears - we had a bit of an identity crisis when it came to the name, but essentially we were Care Bears with Beer logos on our bellies and red solo cup stickers on our butts. I had everyone get their color sweatshirt and made the rest.
Even though it snowed a couple times we had fun meeting some new people and playing fun beer games. We started out playing beer pong and beer ball. Our team was not the front runner in these games, but when we got to Flip Cup we dominated. We also lost at the Ice Cube Tray sucking challenge - but we were first team to go so that was probably the issue. We didn't get to play all the games against all the teams, but we were doing a pretty good job pretending we weren't the winning team. After a little while we started playing the other games for fun.. including our team's new favorite game Chandelier (I'm not sure if this is the real name).
Overall, we had an awesome time, and I'm excited for next year. A little friendly competition is always a good time even though I am usually labeled and admit to being a sore winner and sore loser. Although I do want to make note that Michelle and I won a game of beer pong after I sunk the last cup with my left handed trick shot!! If anyone asks team Care Beer Bears won.

On another note - I would like to mention that Adam and I went to Halloweekends at Cedar Point on October 25th and we had mostly a miserable time which is why I didn't post about it. The dragster was down, the fast lane ruins the regular lines and it was the most crowded amusement park I have been in in a long long time. We have gone to Halloweekends twice (here and here) and had no problems, but we will no longer being going to it or going to Cedar Point on any Saturday ever again.