Saturday, October 6, 2012

Date 58 - Roller Coaster Of Love.

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2012
Type: Fun, Out of Town
Cost: $$$
Planned By: Adam

Last weekend we went to Cedar Point for one of their Halloweekends. We did this last year as a double date with Laura and Sean. This year Adam and I went alone. Adam decided Friday afternoon that we were going to be spontaneous as go to Cedar Point the next day so we didn't have time to find anyone to go with us. We've been to many amusement parks together, but this is the first time it was just the two of us!
We got there right when the park opened. We had decided to go straight for the Maverick, but noticed the line for the Top Thrill Dragster was short so we went there first. There's nothing like a 427 foot 120 mph adrenalin boost in the morning. Woo. Scares me every time! Next, we rode the Maverick, Mean Streak, Magnum, Corkscrew, Power Tower and the Iron Dragon. Then we took the Sky Ride over to the front of the park. During our ride we got to watch the Halloweekend Midway Parade from the sky. It was really cute with monsters and floats and a marching band! When we got to the other side we rode the Raptor and Blue Streak! The new Wind Seeker was closed :(

After that we spent most of the rest of the evening touring the haunted houses and scare zones. We went through all four haunted houses and each had a pretty long line. The Lake Erie Estate was the scariest. The other three kept me on edge, but they weren't too frightening. We went through most of the outside scare zones. We skipped the Corn Stalkers and Blood on the Bayou because we did them last year and we were running out of time. Cedar Point decorated for Halloween is awesome everyone in the area should try to go because it really adds to the fun factor of the park.

I know you're all wondering about the Millennium Force. We took a break from rides so that we could ride it at night. Also it always has a long line so we wanted to see if it would be shorter once the haunted houses opened, and we were right. The sign said 1 hour 45 minutes, but it was only an hour! It was so much fun, and definitely one of the top two rides at Cedar Point (The Maverick being the other). And if you are a person like me who's eyes "grey out" from the G-forces.. I read a tip right before riding the Millennium to flex your abs right before the hill to keep the blood closer to your head, and it worked!!! It was great and made the ride so much more enjoyable than usual. Yay for having a smartphone in a roller coaster line!

After we were done riding all the rides we wanted to we finished up the haunted attractions and went home. It is so nice only being an hour from Cedar Point, and it makes me wonder if I don't appreciate it enough. I do though. I very much appreciate being one hour away from the world's best amusement park, and I can't wait for the new roller coaster next year!

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