At Home Dates ♥

Sometimes you just don't feel  like leaving the house. Here is a list of all our At Home Dates. Most of them are pretty easy, and pretty cheap. Take a look, and try one of them with your sweetie!
Create your very own wine tasting.
The couple who paints and decorates their home together, stays together!
Who says you can't have a bonfire in an apartment?
Be super romantic and make a home cooked three course meal for your loved one.
Bloody hell, this is one awesome Harry Potter themed date!
Who doesn't love to decorate for the holidays? No one. Do it together!
Pretend your a kid, and do all the fun things you used to.
Do you and your partner love football, here is an easy Super Bowl themed date!
Valentine's Day calls for a heart themed date!
Have a silly Dr. Seuss themed date.
St. Patrick's Day is a great time to show the one you love how lucky you feel to be with them.
Have an Easter themed date with lots and lots of eggs!
 Play poker together, and make some bets.
 A date inspired by the life you share together.
We recreated our engagement, but anyone can have a fondue date!
 A date inspired by the Olympics.
Everything you do on your date is left up to chance.
May the odds be ever in your favor during this Hunger Games themed date.
Go get a pet together.. it can be a fish, dog, cat or even a pet rock.
A date inspired by the Disney Channel movie Don't Look Under the Bed.
A quick easy halloween date.
Making cookies can be lots of fun if the one you love is helping you make them.. or eat them.
We were super brave during this date inspired by Disney's Brave!
Sometimes you just have to work with what you got... A chocolate themed date.
Another Super Bowl date... not as good as the first.
Do you like the Avengers? Check out this Avengers themed date!
You're My Favorite Peep!
Our Easter was peeptastic with this themed date!
Lay Off The High Ones. 
Baseball themed date in honor of the start of baseball season!!
There's No Place Like Home
'Tis The Season
We decorated our new house for Christmas
Sonic Boom!
Sonic themed date with games and food
Death By Chocolate!
A 100% Chocolate incorporated dinner. 
Raising the Bar!
We built a home bar for our basement.
In honor of one of our favorite shows ending we had a How I Met Your Mother Party for 2.
It's Handled
A Scandal themed date.
Get The Scoop
Ice cream themed date
Taste the Beer
birthday beer tasting!
I'm Twisted Over You.
Pretzel themed date!
I Love You Monstrously!
A monster themed date for Halloween!
I Will Never Leaf You!
Leaf themed date!
Oh Christmas Tree
Christmas decorating 2014
Meow and Furever!
The day we got little Codi cat
It's Pizza Time!
Pizza themed date with a movie!!
A Night of Boos!
We hosted a Halloween costume party!
Be Your Own Hero!
Movie themed date around Big Hero 6!
Cool Beans!
Jelly Bean themed date for Easter.

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