Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Date 25 - What a Super Bowl!

Date: Sunday, 2/6/2012
Type: Sports, Competitive
Cost: $ 
Planned By: Dani

If you live under a rock then I'm here to tell you last Sunday was the Super Bowl. I decided to plan a super Super Bowl date. Because it was a Sunday we didn't want to go downtown or have a party since we had to work the next day so we had our own little super bowl party. I chose a pretty standard football meal and found some fun football games to play. Just so everyone knows we are Browns fans, so we didn't care too much about who won.
We had our very own kiss cam, too.
I printed up a sheet for each of us to fill in during the night. The sheet consisted of the guessing game questions about the game, a spot to write down our top 5 favorite commercials, and a place to write who won the two pre-game games we were going to play.Whoever finished the night with the most points wins breakfast in bed made by the other person.
We started by playing peg football. This is a silly game I found for $1 at Target. You roll the dice and the game board says what the amount means. For example, if I rolled a three that means Adam's team intercepted it, seven was a 20 yard run, and twelve or two was a touchdown! There was a rule for every combination. We played until someone made 10 touchdowns, and yours truly won! 1 point for me!
Next, we played paper football. We are sure if we played this totally right, but it was fun regardless. We made a paper football and used our coffee table as the field. You slide the football across the table and if it lands with a piece of the football hanging off the table its considered a touch down. If you get a touchdown you can try for an extra point by flicking it over the other person's "field goal", as in their hands shaped like a field goal. The game started out slow because we couldn't' get the hang of it. After awhile we started scoring touchdowns. Adam got the one and only successful extra point of the night, but I won! Another point for me! 2-0!!

After our pre-game games were over we had to start making all the food. Our menu contained baked boneless chicken wings, Chili's chili con queso dip, pepperoni crescent rolls, football oreo-like cookies, and drunk gummy bears. To make this part of the date we made everything together. Everything was really easy to make and we had a great time cooking together. We finished preparing the food at 5:55pm just in time for the pre-game show. We put all the food on the coffee table, filled in our guesses about the game and settled on the couch for the rest of the night to eat and watch.

I bet you are all wondering who won breakfast in bed. I'm sure the anxiety is killing you. Well, I was really hoping to win this prize. Adam was also hoping to win this prize after he read the top of the paper half way through the game. OK fine I will tell you. We tied 8 to 8. Somehow we actually tied. Isn't that horrible. Ugh. I guess we'll just have to make breakfast together and eat it in bed together sometime. Annoying. I should have planned a tie breaker, but I didn't. So it is what it is. The other part of our sheet was about commercials. We were supposed to write down our 5 favorites, but the commercials weren't very good this year. We agreed that the Bud Light We Go dog was the best commercial of the night.

I wasn't sure how much fun I would have on this date night. I'm not really a big football fan (I prefer baseball)... especially when my team isn't playing. Not that I normally stay tuned to a full Browns game, but because I was competing for breakfast in bed I made sure to pay attention, and ultimately had a lot of fun on this date! We had a great time, and now you all know how to have a wonderful super bowl date! :)

By the way... the Giants won.

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