Thursday, February 16, 2012

Date 26 - Heart to Heart

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012
Type: Theme, At-Home
Cost: $
Planned By: Adam

Happy Valentine's Day! This is our first Valentine's day while married, but our fifth Valentine's day together. The past few years we were busy with college, and didn't celebrate too much. This year Adam got to plan a date! He chose to do a heart themed at-home date night.

We started by making home-made heart shaped pizzas. Not just one heart shaped pizza, but a bunch of mini ones. We used a cookie cutter to make the dough in to a heart. They were super easy to make and super tasty.

While waiting for the pizzas to bake we made Cinnamon Heart-Tini's and played a game of Hearts. Hearts is not nearly as fun to play with only two people so we only played once. Adam won. The heart-tini recipe is: 1 shot vodka, 1/2 shot cinnamon schnapps, a splash of grenadine, fill with sprite, garnish with a cinnamon stick.
Next, we made sugar cookies. Of course we made heart shaped cookies. We got the recipe from pinterest. While they were baking we played a fun game with conversation hearts. We had to use what the heart said in a sentence to each other. It was a little silly, but still a cute idea. When the cookies were done baking we had to decorate them before we could eat them. We had white frosting, red frosting, and white sprinkles. Adam's cookie decorating skills are much better than mine. I don't really have much patience for frosting. Finally, we got to eat the cookies! They were a little hard, but still yummy.

For the last part of the date we made a couple more Heart-Tinis and settled on the couch to watch One Day and The Change Up. One Day was not what I had expected. I was actually quite disappointed and depressed at the end. The Change Up was hilarious.

We didn't exchange gifts during the date, but I will tell you about them anyway. Adam got me tickets to a play downtown for when we move there, flowers, starbursts, a box of chocolates and a box of york peppermint patties. I gave him a bunch of random stuff throughout the week. The main things were heart Reeses, a new tie, and new pajama pants. I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Valentine's Day like we did!

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