Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Date 27 - It's A Mystery To Me.

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2012
Type: Group, Out-On-The-Town
Cost: $$$
Planned By: Friends

A couple friends from OU invited us to go out downtown with them. They wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner theater at Pickwick and Frolic. We have been wanting to go to one of these for a while so we jumped at the opportunity. We were also excited to see our friends, Jen & John, since we hadn't seen them in a pretty long time.

We started the date by meeting them at the Clevelander for a pre-show drink. It was nice catching up with them and talking about how excited we were for the show. We all walked in the cold a couple blocks to Pickwick and Frolic. I should have worn pants it was way to cold for a dress.

We all pre-order our tickets so we went to the box office to pick them up. Then went downstairs to the show/dinner area. This place was so much bigger than it looks from outside and really nice. We got seated right in front of the stage. Everyone gets a three course meal with their ticket so the salad was waiting for us when we arrived. It was just a regular house salad, but it already had the dressing on it. Adam doesn't use dressing on his salad, but he dealt with it.

Before the show started some of the characters walked around asking people to sing karaoke. Jen and I volunteered to do a duet and we sang You're The One That I Want from Grease. I would have to say we were amazing. Probably the best performance of the night.

The theme of the murder mystery was psych ward. There was a doctor, nurse and three patients. They were "celebrities" and all had different reasons for being there. One was a sex addict, one had anger problems, and I think one was suicidal. The show was a musical and all of the songs were from Billy Joel. It was a really funny show and the singing was great.

During the first intermission we had the entree. All four of us had a different dinner. I had Chicken Marsala and Adam had the Prime Rib. Both came with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The food was really good. I enjoyed every bite. During the second intermission we got cheesecake for dessert and as a table had to decide who we thought committed the murder. The table with the correct answer and most information won 4 tickets per person to Hilarities Comedy Club. Our table got the correct person, but apparently didn't put enough information. Oh well. I won't give it away just in case if any of you go see the show.

After the show we walked through the Arcade to get to our cars faster. There was a wedding reception going on downstairs. We looked down and saw a big blown up Rufus the OU Bobcat. We were so excited since we all went to OU and made sure to get a picture with it.
It was a really nice night downtown. We got yummy food, great entertainment, and had an overall fun time with our friends!

Clevelander: 7/10 - normal bar, expensive well drinks.
Pickwick and Frolic Dinner: 8/10 - 3 good courses and a wide variety of drinks
Pickwick and Frolic Murder Mystery Show: 10/10 - I definitely recommend going to a show at Pickwick and Frolic for anyone in the Cleveland area. It was pretty expensive but worth the price.

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