Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Date 28 - The Almighty Dollar!

Date: 2/25/12
Type: Creative, Casual, Funny, Fun
Cost: $
Planned By: Adam

What can you buy with a dollar? Not too much, but you will be surprised what Adam came up with for our dollar themed date night!! Now people you may think you can't afford a nice date, but you all can afford this! OK, the other person may call you a cheap skate, but it is a very creative and really fun date. You don't need to spend tons of money as long as your with the person you love a dollar is enough. I bet my bottom dollar you and your date will remember this night.

We started out at the Dollar Tree. We each got to buy one fun thing for $1 a piece. We saw lots of silly stuff, but Adam quickly found a 350 piece puzzle of New York City that he wanted. It took me a while, but I decided to get a blowing bubbles set. We checked out and moved on to dinner.

We had to pick a restaurant with a dollar menu. Adam chose Taco Bell. Not exactly a dollar menu, but they have a value menu with a bunch of dollar or less items. We got a bunch of tacos, nachos and a drink. Yumm... we love taco bell!

Next, we had some fun at Giant Eagle. First, we both bought a couple of $1 lottery scratch off cards. Then we have a fun competition in the candy aisle. We each got a bag and whoever was the closest to 1/4 of a pound or $1 worth of candy won a kiss. We were both under, but I was almost at exactly 1/4 of a pound. I won!!

We went to the dollar theater in Willoughby Hills next. We decided to see The Muppets. The dollar theater is actually $2.00 for the night movies, but close enough. We didn't get any popcorn or pop because those prices were normal. While waiting for our movie we scratched off our lottery tickets. I won a dollar! The movie was really cute and funny. We are both fans of the muppets, and also the main human actors Jason Segal and Amy Adams. The music and plot made the movie really great, and we recommend it. Also they just won an Oscar for best original song; Man or Muppet, which I think deserved it. The rest of the audience in our theater was pretty obnoxious. Mostly children who couldn't sit still or shut up, but that's OK because it was cheap and the movie was good.

Our last stop was at McDonalds for a $1 fudge sundae dessert. It was delicious!

This date was a lot of fun. We had a great time being frugal together. The entire date cost less than $20! If you don't have $20 then you could always take a couple things out.. and if you have more than $20 you can add some things in!

Dollar Tree: 10/10 - had tons of stuff to choose from and everything is a dollar!
Taco Bell: 9/10 - they could have cheaper drinks.
Lottery Tickets: 5/10 - fun to play but we only won $1
Candy Competition: 10/10 - super fun and we got to keep the candy! :)
Dollar Theater: 6/10 - snacks should be a dollar, too!
The Muppets: 9/10 - really cute, could have had a little more adult humor.
McDonalds Fudge Sundae: 10/10 - ice cream and fudge... how could that go wrong. :)

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