Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Date 29 - Won't You Take Me To Funky Town?

Date: Saturday, 3/3/12
Type: Group, Funny, Creative
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani - but inspired by The Dating Divas

I decided to have a big group date. My sisters were planning to visit me for my birthday and I thought it was a perfect opportunity. We couldn't celebrate my birthday until March. We invited some other couples to come, but no one else was able to.

This date was "funky" themed, super fun and a little embarrassing. You'll see why.

We started the date by going to the Goodwill. Everyone had to buy their partner a funky outfit to wear all night. We each had $10 to spend. Everyone had a great time looking at the funny clothes, and I know I even saw some stuff I would normally wear. You can see what we bought in the pictures.
Next, we made funky cups! We had to make our cup out of a plastic water bottle. Everyone was told to be creative. We bought some fun decorations like googlie eyes, fish stickers and pom poms. We also had funky straws to use.

For dinner we had Chipotle style pork burritos (made mostly by Michelle with a little help from me), buffalo chicken dip (made by Amanda and Zak), raw veggies (provided by Adam and I) , and lemonade with strawberry or cranberry flavored ice cubes (Again, from Adam and I). For dessert Michelle made mint Oreo cupcakes! Everything was delicious!

After dinner we played a fun rendition The Newly Wed Game! If you've never seen The Newly Wed game its a pretty simple game. One person answers questions and the other person has to answer them with the same answer to get a point. They usually use a white board or something, but I just typed up the separate questions and we answered them on a piece of paper. Some of the questions were pretty funny and the answers were even funnier. Adam and I won.. which makes sense since we're the only one that are married.. even though Michelle and Jim have been a couple longer. Because we won we got the Missing Tooth Award!

Now for the main event... bowling!! We haven't gone bowling in years so I was pretty excited. It was a Saturday night which meant the bowling alley was going to be very busy and we were dressed like crazy people. That's what made it so fun! We played two games one regular and one funky. The funky bowling consisted of using your left hand, sitting, bowling between your legs and other funny ways to bowl. We had a good time laughing at everyone. Jim won Funky Bowling so he won the Mommy's Special Helper ribbon.

For the rest of the night we all just hung out at our apartment. It was really nice seeing everyone and I'm glad they were as excited as I was to have a funky themed date!

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