Thursday, March 29, 2012

Date 32 - Is it Morning or Night?

Date - Saturday, 3/24/12
Type - Simple
Cost - $
Planned By - Adam

Quick and easy date this week. We decided we wanted brinner (breakfast for dinner). We went to Denny's for dinner since they have breakfast all day. Adam was upset because they don't have sausage gravy and that was why he wanted to have brinner. The rest of the food was pretty good though. We quickly regretted not going to IHOP when a bagillion kids and their parents started coming in. We don't mind people with kids in restaurants but there was a crazy amount of kids in this place. We didn't know why until we walked out and there was a sign saying that kids eat from on Saturday from 4-8. So I guess we learned to avoid those hours at Denny's.
Every morning we have a green smoothie. So for this morning date at night we decided to try a new smoothie. We saw them on The Biggest Loser. Yoplait Banana Chocolate. They aren't very good. I do not recommend them.

That's it. Quick, easy and to the point date. :)

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