Monday, November 21, 2011

Date 14 - Bloody Hell!

Day: Saturday, 11/20/11
Type: Fun/Creative/Casual
Cost: $$
Planned By: Adam

For this week's date night Adam had a brilliant idea. He also got very excited for this date night unlike any other date he has planned. The final Harry Potter movie came out on DVD last Friday so Adam decided to have a Harry Potter themed date night. I was super excited about this since I love Harry Potter and Adam never lets me watch the movies.

We decided to go all out for this date. We found some great ideas for Harry Potter themed snacks. We pretty much robbed Honeydukes for this date night. It took us a long time to prepare and find all of the snacks but it we had fun.

We made 9 different Harry Potter type snacks; acid pops, cauldron cakes, licorice wands, cockroach clusters, peppermint toads, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, chocolate galleons, and extra chocolate (in case dementors show up). And what would Harry Potter night be without Butterbeer!
If you ever want to have a Harry Potter party here is how we made them:
Acid Pops - Blow Pops + Nerds
Licorice Wands - Black or Red Licorice dipped in chocolate (for the handle)
Peppermint Toads - White Chocolate Melts + Peppermint Flavor
Chocolate Frogs - Milk Chocolate Melts
Cauldron Cakes - Chocolate Lava Cakes with a Twizzler for the handle
Cockroach Clusters - Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - Jelly Belly jelly beans
Chocolate Galleons - gold chocolate coins
Butterbeer - 7 cups cream soda to 1 cup butterscotch schnapps
The hardest things to make were the peppermint toads and chocolate frogs because we had to use a chocolate mold to make them. We went to at least 5 different stores to find this frog mold, but it was worth it. It would have been so much easier if we could have robbed Honeydukes of all its treats instead.

So after everything was made we set up the living room. We decided to watch both parts of Harry Potter 7 back to back. It was very exciting since we hadn't seen the last movie since it came out in theaters. Here is the finished product.
The food was delicious. The butterbeer was very sweet, but still pretty tasty! The movies were great, and I almost cried again even though I've seen the movie and read the book. The story of Harry Potter is so touching and amazing... I can't remember a life without Harry Potter. Haha OK not true, but you get my point! :)

everything was bloody brilliant!

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  1. you know you can actually buy bertie botts every flavor jelly beans.. they come in the disgusting flavors but it would be interesting to mix them in with the jelly bellys..

    future reference of course