Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Date 11 - Hunting Season

Day: Sunday, 10/30/11
Type: Casual
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani

This date wasn't very complicated. Adam and I have thought about what we are going to do about our housing situation when our lease is up. So I thought it would be fun to go house hunting!  Our leasing office informed us that rent will increase every year, and we weren't very happy to hear that.

I started looking for houses online awhile ago. I found a few that had most of the things we wanted so I contacted a realtor and asked if we could go see them. She set up an appointment for us. We had three in mind we wanted to see, but the Friday before the date the one we liked the most got sold. :(

So anyway we started the date out with a nice out-to-eat breakfast at Bob Evans. We don't normally eat a formal breakfast together so I thought this would be great since our appointment was at 11:15AM. We both drank water like normal. I got the Farmer's Market Omelet with Banana Nut Bread. It was delicious. I really like omelets, but I'm too lazy to ever make myself breakfast so I really enjoyed my meal. Adam had the Homestead Breakfast. He liked the sausage gravy over biscuits the best, but everything was good.
After breakfast we made our way to Lyndhurst to check out the houses. I didn't take any pictures because I thought it would be awkward to take pictures of other people's houses. We didn't really like the first house that much. It was a nice house, but kind of small. The ceilings were low so Adam didn't feel comfortable in it. The yard was pretty big, and it had a nice patio. The finished basement was pretty small. It was a nice house, but didn't really have much of what we were looking for. The second house was nice, but still didn't have everything we want. It was just flipped by an investor so it was practically brand new. The basement wasn't finished and there wasn't a back door to the chain link fenced in back yard. It is a very cute house, but we will still be looking.

Here is our wishlist for anyone that cares --
3 bedrooms
1.5 bathrooms
most appliances included
1,000+ sq ft 
fenced backyard
good neighborhood
full basement
central air
1 car garage
move in ready

2 full bathrooms
1,200+ sq ft
all appliances included (refrigerator, garbage disposal, range, dish washer, washer & dryer)
full finished basement
master bedroom with master bathroom
wood fenced in backyard
2 car garage
some hardwood floors
bar in basement

Bob Evans - 8/10, good food and reasonably priced

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