Thursday, August 2, 2012

Date 50 - You Won My Heart!

Date: Friday, July 27, 2012
Type: Home, Easy
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani

During the Olympics many athletes win medals, but neither Adam or I are good enough to go to to the Olympics in any sport. It is fun to play sports and watch them together though so what a perfect week to do this type of date.

First, we started the date by ordering Chinese take out in honor of the previous Olympics in Beijing. I was so excited for dinner because we haven't had Chinese food in many months. We got a bunch of stuff: general tso chicken with broccoli, beef lo mein, beef with vegetables, fortune cookies, and lots of rice! It was delicious!
Next, we played some tennis. I'm really bad at tennis, but Adam actually played it for a couple of years so he's OK. I did accidentally hit the ball and it bounced off the wall in to a trash can -- 2 POINTS! -- which I think takes some skill. If you are wondering who won.. it depends on what you think winning is. The best person at tennis... Adam! The one who had to run the most to retrieve balls.. Adam!! The person who had the most wild hits and lost the ball a few times.. Me!! Either way it was fun! :)
Last, we watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony! It was a pretty spectacular event. I really enjoyed the part about Children's Literature and Healthcare. The villians in the nightmares were cool.. especially Voldy. Adam thought it was funny that it took Harry Potter seven years to get rid of Voldemort and in the ceremony it only took Mary Poppins a minute or two. The parade of nations was a lot of fun.. It's always really neat to see the world come together for one night.
So even though we didn't make it to the Olympics we still won each other's heart which is way better than some stinking gold medal... awwwww!

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