Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Date 49 - I Want Candy!

Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Type: Fun, Creative, At-Home and Out
Cost: $$
Planned By: Dani

Candy themed date - JACKPOT! I love candy almost as much as I love Adam so of course I had to plan a super fun candy date!

We start off this date by going to B.A. Sweetie's candy warehouse. I have never seen anything like this place. I mean I've been to a candy store but that is an understatement for this establishment. It was seriously a warehouse full of candy. All kinds of candy. Anything you can think of! If I had to spend my entire life in one store I would definitely pick this place! We were supposed to find four things: candy that reminds us of our childhood, our favorite candy, something we didn't think was still made, and something new we've never tried. We ended up just putting everything we wanted in the basket and ignored that list. Some fun things we got were warheads, candy cigarettes (hahaha), cow tails, mallo cups, margarita with salt flavored suckers (gross), sugar daddy sucker, rock candy, junior mints, a grape mustache (disgusting), nerds rope and three pack fun dip!

Next, we went to the Chocolate Bar for their famous martinis. I got the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry and Adam got the Espresso. They were delicious!
Then we went home and played Candy Land (thanks to our neice Madi who let us borrow it) and ate our candy! We had a rule that every time you landed on a pink square with a location or character we got to eat a piece of candy. Adam won two our of three times we played. I am OK with this because everyone knows there is no strategy and its all based on luck of the draw. I already knew he was luckier than me.
I had a blast on this date, and I'm sure Adam did, too. I definitely plan to revisit both B.A. Sweetie and The Chocolate Bar as soon as possible!

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