Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Date 48 - Too Much Meat.

Date: Saturday, July 14, 2012
Type: Nice, Dinner, City, Movie
Cost: $$$
Planned By: Adam

Thanks to Groupon, Adam took me out to a very nice romantic dinner. While Adam was interning in Houston two summers ago the company took him out for a wonderful lunch at a restaurant called Fogo de Chao a Brazilian steakhouse. Adam went on and on and on about this place and I had no idea why until he took me to a similar restaurant later that summer, also in Houston. This type of restaurant soon became Adam's all time favorite place to go. Only problem is it's outrageously expensive. While walking around downtown we saw Brasa. Adam got super excited and has been waiting months to go there. Luckily, Groupon knew this and we gave us a great deal for $30 off at Brasa!

These type of Brazilian steakhouses are also known as churrascarias. It is an all you can eat meat restaurant. The servers walk around with different types of meat and carve it for you at your table. Brasa has 16 different types of meat!! Everything was delicious! My favorite was the Filet Mignon with Parmesan cheese. Yum!
Brasa also has a 40 item salad bar included in the price for a full dinner. This salad bar was not just salad! Nope.. there there were different kinds of seafood and mixed salads and other random stuff. It was almost like a full dinner buffet. So I tried my first mussel, and it was really weird, but I'm glad I tried it! Along with the meat and salad they also provide some side dishes; mini rolls, rice, fries, fried bananas (which Adam loves), and salsa. Their service was outstanding.. we were never waiting for more food or water, and there was always someone asking how we were. It was a very nice restaurant. I would recommend it to everyone... except Vegetarians because that would be a big waste of money!
By the end of this dinner.. we were completely stuffed and satisfied. We definitely got our money's worth. We went home and watched The Descendants. This movie wasn't as good as we thought it was going to be. I looove George Clooney and Shailene Woodley showed off her acting talent that I was surprised to see she had (I watch The Secret Life of The American Teenager).

Overall, it was one of our best dinner dates! We had an amazing time and we got an extremely good deal! We also got our movie rental for free via a pinterest pin about free Red Box codes! Yay for coupons, groupons and free codes!

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