Thursday, August 23, 2012

Date 53 - Happy Hunger Games!

Date: Sunday, August 19, 2012
Type: Theme, Fun, At-Home
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani

I have a pretty big obsession with The Hunger Games. I am in love with the books (and Peeta). Adam also likes the books, but doesn't have the same crazy obsession. The first movie was due to come out on DVD August 18th and I just knew I had to plan a Hunger Games themed date for Adam and I.

There were three parts to our date. First, we had a special dinner. We found a recipe for Katniss's favorite Capitol dish: Lamb Stew with Dried Plums. Adam made the entire stew, and he did a very good job! It was pretty good, but the plums were a little weird. They made the stew sweet, which isn't a normal taste for a stew. It took him a few hours to prepare, so our advice would be to use a slow cooker instead. We also had hot chocolate for our drink because Katniss loved hot chocolate when she discovered what it was. For dessert we had cookies to represent Mellark Bakery. We decided to have snickerdoodles because we like them and they were easy to make! Everything was yummy!
Next, we watched The Hunger Games DVD. We rented it from a Red Box because we are too cheap to buy ourselves a movie.. Maybe someone will get it for us for Christmas! I was excited to watch the movie again because I wasn't very happy with it the first time we saw it. But after rereading the books I definitely liked the movie better this time. I can't wait until Catching Fire comes out!
The last part of our date was a Nerf Blow Gun fight. This obviously fits with the theme because in the Hunger Games the tributes are fighting to the death. We used nerf blow guns because we didn't want anyone to die. It was much safer than a bow and arrow or a knife. We had a lot of fun shooting them at each other like little kids. We also competed to see who could get the most to stick to the window in a row. Adam won 1-0 in the first round then we tied 9-9 in the second round. So I guess technically he won, but I did pretty well, too.
I loved this date night idea, and if you and your significant other love the Hunger Games you should try it.. and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Don't worry. I may be obsessed with The Hunger Games but Harry Potter is still #1. Check out our Harry Potter Date for proof.

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