Thursday, August 9, 2012

Date 51 - Let's Flip a Coin...

Date: Monday, August 6, 2012
Type: Creative
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani & Adam

...heads you're mine, tails I'm yours!

What a cute quote, and the inspiration for last weekend's date night! Everything we did on our date was decided by fate.. or by a quarter being flipped. We made a list of possibilities and then flipped a coin to see what option we were going to do.
We started with dinner. We flipped to see if we were going to go out or stay in. Stay In won. Then we flipped to see what we should have for dinner. The two options were turkey burgers or chicken. Chicken won, and Adam made us some boneless chicken breast with seasoning on it. It was good!

Next, we flipped to see what drink we would have. Water and a fun drink were our two options. Fun drink won, but then we had to flip to see which fun drink we would have. The two options were (non alcoholic) Love Potion Punch or Champagne over Popsicles. We got to try out champagne over popsicles. We got a bottle of cheap champagne and some fun popsicles from the downstairs market. We both aren't big fans of champagne but it tasted pretty good with the fruity popsicles in it. Having a popsicle in your champagne also makes it more summery!
Then we got to flip to see what snack we would have during our activity. The two options were home made ice cream or popcorn. Popcorn won!! Yummm.
Last we had to decide what activity we were going to do. Our two options were play the Wii or go for a walk. The Wii won so we had to flip to see what type of game we would play; Mario or Other. Mario won, and we decided to play Mario Kart. We had a good time playing against random people online and then battling.
This date was a lot of fun, and flipping to see what we would be doing was exciting. Adam and I are indecisive people sometimes so having fate decide for us was very convenient. It also ended up being a very cheap date which is always a plus!

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