Monday, September 26, 2011

Date 6 - Home is where the ART is!

Day: Sunday, 9/26/11
Type: Casual/Creative
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani & Adam
For this week's date we decided to make some artwork for our bedroom. We needed to add some color to our brown and white room, so this was a great way to make our room better and spend time together! We also ate a pizza!
First, we put the pizza in the oven. It is a pepperoni large pizza from Sam's Club. Then while the pizza was baking we spray painted the canvases. We painted them brown to match our bedroom's decor. We had to spray paint them on our balcony. Of course we could have gone outside, but that would have been too difficult.

While waiting for the spray paint to dry we ate our pizza! It was pretty good pizza, a lot of cheese. There could have been some more pepperoni. While eating the pizza and waiting, a freak rain shower blew through and almost ruined our canvases! It's OK we saved them.
When we finished the pizza and the paint was dry we brought everything inside to start the real art. We picked lime green, yellow and white paint to accent our room.We each took a canvas, and started painting. Adam decided we should paint swirls. Half way through his painting he didn't want to do swirls anymore. I couldn't switch so they are pretty different paintings, but they are unique!

It was a lot of fun to paint together. I tried to paint Adam's arm, but apparently he didn't want to play because he yelled at me. Adam finished way before I did because I'm a perfectionist and had a hissy-fit about a spot I messed up. I fixed it the best I could for being an amateur artist. Adam was extremely proud of his painting, as he should be, it was very good! Before we could put the art on the wall it had to dry. We waited until the next day to mount them. I would have to say it really brightens up our room, and I am very happy with how they turned out!

Sam's Club Pizza: 7/10 - tasted like pizza, good cheese, needs more pepperoni
Art: 8/10 - creative and fun, could have been more interactive

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  1. Those look awesome! What a fun and creative date!