Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Date 4 - Mexican, Margaritas, & Movies!

Day: Saturday, 9/10/11
Type: Casual
Cost: $
Planned By: Adam

Date 4 had been planned for quite some time. Adam was planning an outdoor date, but failed to think of an alternative if the weather didn't cooperate. Of course, the weather did not cooperate and decided to rain all day. He had to improvise and came up with Mexican, Margaritas, and Movies.

Our date started off with a nice hour long drive around the eastern suburbs of Cleveland trying to find a Mexican restaurant. It took so long because the two Mexican restaurants we looked were apparently out of business. At least we got to see some potential neighborhoods to live in for our future.

So we actually ended up going to Don Tequila in Willoughby, right down the street from our apartment. You may wonder why didn't just go here to begin with, well, it's a little shady looking from the outside. We were really set on Mexican for dinner by this point so we decided to take a chance. The inside was actually pretty nice. There weren't many people there eating for being right at dinner time, but it was a nice little place.

So like any good Mexican restaurant they gave us free chips and salsa! They were delicious. We love home made salsa and chips, way better than store bought. We started off by ordering a half pitcher of lime margaritas. The margaritas came back yellow, which we thought was strange. The most important thing to know about these margaritas is that they are super strong. They would give Rio in Athens a run for their money on how much tequila they put in the drink. I guess that's why the name is Don Tequila.

We both ordered the same thing. A combination dinner with two hard beef tacos, an enchilada and chile con queso. We get this combination dinner at most Mexican restaurants we visit.

After finishing dinner Adam decided to buy a red tootsie pop for dessert for 25 cents from the restaurant!
The movie portion of the date was at home. We brought the movies to us! We got pillows and blankies to make the couch extra comfy, made some more margaritas, and got a big bowl of popcorn! We decided to watch The Good Guy and Tangled. We watched them on Netflix through the Wii. They were pretty good movies. The Good Guy was a little slow and not very exciting. It was also very easy to predict what was going to happen. It was a typical chic flick. Like all Disney movies Tangled was really cute! We really enjoyed it, but I still prefer the Disney movies from when I was a kid!
Surprisingly, we made it to the end of the Tangled before falling asleep. A few minutes following the credits we both were asleep. That's OK though, the date was over! :)

Don Tequila: 6/10 - just like every other Mexican restaurant
Don Tequila Margaritas: 7.5/10 - weird yellow color rather than green.. assuming they used Tequila gold instead of silver, but strong so good!
The Good Guy: 6/10 - I liked watching it on Netflix, but probably wouldn't watch it again.
Tangled: 8/10 - cute! :)


  1. theres a really good mexican place in chardon you should check out next time you do something like this.. at the moment the name is evading me but i dont really like mexican but this place is good!