Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Date 7 - Come on Baby, Light My Fire!

Day: Wednesday, 9/28/11
Type: Casual/Creative
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani

So I knew we had a really busy weekend coming up and knew there would be no time to have date night so I planned it for during the week.  After work instead of having a normal dinner while watching TV we had a dinner date night. Because it is now fall and is "bonfire season" I decided to have an indoor bonfire. Now you might think this sounds dangerous but we took precautions.

For dinner we roasted hotdogs over the gas burner. It took much longer to use the fire than to just use a frying pan, but it was fun. We cooked about 5 hotdogs altogether. We mostly just waiting until it was hot and quit because it took so long. We also had some kettle potato chips because those are our favorite!
For dessert we had smores! We roasted the marshmallows over the gas burner, too. It was much more exciting than the hotdogs because they kept catching on fire and it was hilarious. I'm not sure why they were catching on fire, but I'm assuming that the flame much higher than we could see. So that didn't take very long at all. We used cinnamon graham crackers, hershey's chocolate and the marshmallow to make a tasty treat.

For an added bonus to date night I looked up a recipe for a bonfire shot. Surprisingly, there is one called Bonfire. Now this is a very dangerous shot. It is a flaming shot. Here are the ingredients and how to make it. First, you put .5 oz grenadine at the bottom of the shot glass. Then you layer .5 oz of amaretto on top of the grendadine. Then top it off with .5 oz of Bacardi 151. Set it on fire. Blow out the fire completely, make sure there isn't a white flame. You don't want to set your throat on fire. Lastly, choke down the shot. So this is how we wanted to make/take this shot. Everything went well until we had to set it on fire. We only had matches, and the ingredients didn't call for a lighter. Matches didn't work. Oh well, it made the shot safer! :) We did still have to choke it down because it was disgusting. Now because there is 151 in this shot you may think that your throat is indeed on fire, but really its just the alcohol, but you still need to be cautious!


Overall, this date was a lot of fun. If you don't have a yard to make a bonfire in than this is definitely the next best thing! My favorite part was definitely when we couldn't stop the marshmallows from burning.

Hotdogs: 5/10 - nothing special and difficult to cook over the fire.
Giant Eagle Plain Kettle Chips: 8/10 - cheap and tasty
Smores: 8/10 - a little burnt but a lot of fun to make
Bonfire Shot: 2/10 - I will probably never make this again, but it looked really cool, and would have been way cooler if we had been able to set it on fire.

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