Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Date 8: Fall Fun

Day: Monday, 10/10/11
Type: Casual & Fun
Cost: $
Planned By: Adam

Because we will be busy for the rest of the weekends in October, Adam decided to do a full out fall date. This was a pretty long date, and had a lot different parts to it.

First we went and picked out pumpkins. Adam picked a perfectly round one. Ever since I was little I always picked an ugly pumpkin because I think they are lonely and will never get picked. So I picked one that was lopsided.  

We went home and made a big pot of Turkey Chili. We hadn't had turkey chili before, but we are trying to be a little healthier so we switched to turkey. We also had apple cider with our chili. We dressed up the apple cider by putting it in a martini glass and cutting up some apples. Both the cider and chili were delicious!

After dinner it was time to carve our pumpkins! We haven't really carved pumpkins in few years so I was pretty excited. We cut open the tops and started gutting them. We decided to keep the seeds for a later activity so we had to make sure to separate the guts from the seeds. After all the seeds were out we made sure the rest of the inside of the pumpkins were clean and started carving the faces. When we had finished we turned off the lights and waited to reveal our pumpkins to each other. I went first and Adam started laughing at my poor little pumpkin. I'm not a very good pumpkin carver, but I did make a pretty funny face. Adam then revealed his pumpkin, and I think it looks like a rabbit. You be the judge.
When the pumpkins were finished we washed and dried the pumpkin seeds. We sprinkled garlic salt on one baking sheet and cinnamon on the other. We put them in the oven and baked them for about a half hour. Every 5-10 minutes we took them out and shook them to avoid them getting burned.
To end our date we had pumpkin decorated cupcakes made by my sister Michelle. They were super cute and super tasty. You can see how she made and decorated them at her blog Just Icing on the Cake.
Turkey Chili: 8/10 - really good with a kick!
Apple Cider: 7/10 - nothing special, but good
Pumpkin Carving: 10/10 - lots of fun!
Pumpkin Seeds (Garlic Salt): 7/10 - dry but good for my first ever pumpkin seed tasting
Pumpkin Seeds (Cinnamon): 5/10 - dry, couldn't really taste the cinnamon
Cupcakes: 10/10 - I love Michelle chocolate cake and it was still moist a couple days later, the orange frosting was a new taste for me and was great, they fit perfectly with our fall date night!

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