Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Date 16 - Deck The Halls

Day: Sunday, December 4th
Type: Christmas
Cost: $$
Planned By: Dani

So this week for date night we decorated our apartment for Christmas. This is our first Christmas together so I was pretty excited. I really wanted to go all out, but that's expensive. Luckily, we got some free stuff from relatives!

First, I tried to make peppermint hot chocolate. It was disgusting. There was too much peppermint in it and the hot chocolate powder wasn't working. While decorating we watched/listened to the CMA Country Christmas special.
We started by putting our Christmas tree up. We got a 4 foot artificial tree from Adam's aunt. It was a great size since we are just in an apartment. It was also pre-lit so we didn't have to worry about buying lights and putting them up. The stand was a bit short so we put it on a box to make room for presents. The garland we used is blue and silver and we got it from Adam's mom. The silver ornaments we bought match the garland really well and the red ones match our red living room. Most of my ornaments are still at my mom's, but I will put them on as soon as I get them. We put the tree topper on together. Its a red boingy glittery star. Its a little big for the tree, but its cute. We are really happy with how the tree turned out, it's adorable!
Next, we made a tree skirt. I mean really I made the tree skirt and Adam helped a tiny bit saying, "yes, that looks good." We got the kit at JoAnn Fabrics. I used a glue gun to put the different patterns on the skirt, and burned myself a few times. I really wanted to make a ruffle tree skirt that I saw on Pinterest, but I had a hard time figuring out what I needed while in the store so I gave up. Maybe next year. While I was finishing up the tree skirt Adam put up the 4 foot fiber optic tree that we also got for free from his aunt, the ceramic light up tree from my mom, and the nativity scene we got for Christmas last year from his other aunt.

We then made our stockings together. Again, I wanted to make really nice stockings, but that will have to wait for another year, too. I should probably learn to sew first. Anyway they were just felt stockings and we put our names, some sequins, a snowflake and cute little characters on them. It was fun, but we both burned our fingers with the hot glue again. 1st degree though so we're fine, don't worry.
I made a simple wreath for the kitchen. It just has green garland, bells and a couple bows on it. The blue in the bows match our blue kitchen. It's pretty cute. We wrapped all the presents we've bought and put them under the tree. We hung up our stockings on our new TV Stand and put out a couple other Christmas decorations.
The most exciting part of this weekend and decorating our apartment was that we got our big Christmas present. Instead of buying each other gifts, we bought a brand new 47" LED 3D HDTV with a 3D blu-ray player. We got it on Saturday and spent all night putting the new TV stand together and then on Sunday during date night we were able to really enjoy it.
We had a great time decorating the apartment. Adam got a little tired by the end and took a nap. Overall, I think its going to be a great Christmas!

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