Thursday, December 15, 2011

Date 17: You Can’t Get Too Much Winter in the Winter.

Day: Sunday, December 11th
Type: Casual, Educational
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani

Adam and I went to the Cleveland Botanical Garden's Winter Show last Sunday. I walk by the Botanical Garden every day on my way to work and thought this would be a fun thing to go to.
There was a lot of wintery stuff but there were still some plants that we could see. So we started with the environmental area. First, we went in to the desert green house. There were some animals (lizards) and some plants. They also put out a few different types of poinsettias for the winter show.
The next green house was like a rainforest. The best part were the butterflies. They were flying all around the ceiling. A big blue butterfly was just hanging out on one of the windows for awhile. There were also some other animals in this greenhouse (hedgehogs, spiders) and lots of plants. Many different types of trees and flowers. There was also a canopy walk way so we could look down from the canopy and there was a pretty waterfall and river.
After looking through the greenhouses we made our way back to the wintershow. There were tons of gingerbread houses. There were different divisions that were competing, Professional, Adult and Family/Children. They were pretty impressive, I've never seen such complicated ginger bread houses.

There were also a ton of live Christmas Trees all around the building. They were all decorated differently and were very unique. I've never had a real Christmas tree so it was fun to see them compared to artificial trees.
They put up a modern menorah outside, and there were carolers singing in the cafe area.
This was a fun little winter date, but the price was a little high considering there wasn't actually that much to look at. It did put me in the mood to make a ginger bread house, but we were too lazy.

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