Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Date 124 - It's Handled!!

Date: Friday, June 27, 2014
Type: At Home
Cost: $
Planned By: Adam

Recently, Adam and I have become professional binge-watchers.. See it all started with Buffy The Vampire Slayer - we were told by both of my sisters and their SOs that we had to watch it. So we binged watched all of Buffy, then we re-watched all of Grey's Anatomy, then we got on the bandwagon and binge-watched all of Orange is The New Black.. and then we said what the heck let's pick up Scandal!

For this date we were ready to watch the last two episodes of Season 3 so we had a little fun with it.

1. We got Gettysburger for dinner. (OK not the real Gettysburger like in the show, but we got burgers from Five Guys). They were delicious, and so were the fries and peanuts.
2. We had popcorn.. all kinds of popcorn; cheddar popcorn, white cheddar popcorn and microwave buttered popcorn. For those of you that watch Scandal you know that this is Olivia Pope's favorite food group. Olivia Pope and I have that in common.
3. We had wine, and there was no whining. Again, for Scandal fans you know that Olivia Pope's drink of choice is wine. She likes fancy wine, but we're cheap so we like cheap wine.
We have decided we are not going to binge watch another show this summer (at least we're going to try not to binge-watch another show.. but we're a little addicted to Netflix like the rest of the world). I'm glad we picked up Scandal so now when we are watching Grey's all the previews will make sense! If you like Scandal this is a must do date.. its easy, fun and cheap!


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