Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Date 126 - Lifetime of Love.

Date: Friday, July 18 - Saturday, July 20, 2014
Type: Family, Travel
Cost: $$
Planned By: Michelle & Jim


Adam and I traveled down to Columbus for the Davey/Mapes wedding. Michelle was about to marry her long time boyfriend (long long time - over 9 years), Jim.

First, was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We met the bridal party and family at Michelle & Jim's house and quickly did a run-through of the ceremony. Then we all went to El Vaquero for the rehearsal dinner. We had some wonderful Mexican food and margaritas and home made desserts from the Mother of the Groom!
Michelle and Jim gave some gifts out to the bridal party and mothers. Each of the mom's got a pretty Orchid. The men got a glass boot to drink their beer from, and some other gifts. The girls got a pin wheel necklace and Amanda (sister- maid of honor), Amanda W. (friend - stoop of honor) and I (matron of honor) each got a Peeta figurine!!! Adam, being the all-star officiant, received a growler! We had a lot of fun at the rehearsal dinner.
After dinner we parted ways and the girls stayed at Michelle's and watched Mean Girls. Well, we watched about half before we fell asleep.

The next day, we woke up and finished setting everything up for the wedding. Then we ate some breakfast and while we were getting ready we had Redd's Apple Juice which contained Redd's Apple Ale and Apple Juice. It was yummy.
Michelle decided to have formal pictures done before the ceremony. They did a "first look" portion that we all watched from inside the house. It was cute. Then we went to the back yard for family and bridal party pictures.  (I didn't take many photos before or during the ceremony so check out the photographer's photos)

The ceremony was beautiful. It was in their backyard which was a perfect setting for their casual nuptials. The guests sat at the tables that were decorated with pinwheels and burlap. There was definitely some crying in the audience from happy family members. They said their "I dos" and exchanged rings and successfully got married!

Soon after the ceremony everyone started eating, drinking and having a good time. The food was catered from City BBQ and it was delicious. Michelle made a cake, buckeye cupcakes and raspberry lemonade cupcakes. There were also an assortment of other desserts made by family and friends!
After everyone finished eating it was time for the toasts. The best man, Fred, gave the first speech which was very nice. Then Jim's sister, Jill, gave a short and sweet speech. Lastly, Amanda and I gave a toast. We were quite nervous but it went off without a hitch. We played a game which everyone enjoyed and there was a lot of laughter from the audience. We were so happy for Michelle and Jim and glad we got to give them a toast (or 4).
Soon after the speeches the dancing started. I took over the photography at this point as the photographer was scheduled to leave. Michelle and Jim kicked off the dancing with their first dance. Next, there was a moment of silence for our dad. Then Michelle participated in a step father/daughter dance with Rob to "Step Father of the Bride" by Mike McLaughlin. Last, Jim and his mom, Gina, danced together for the mother/son dance.
One particularly amazing portion of the reception was the Pie in The Face Contest. Throughout the night there were boxes for people to put money in, one marked Michelle and one marked Jim. Guests put money in the box of the person they wanted to see have a pie in their face. It wasn't close at all. Jim's box had over $130 and Michelle's had slightly more than $30. Quickly after the counting of the cash Michelle took to the dance floor with the pie and smashed it in Jim's face to The Final Countdown. The rest of the night consisted of drinking, dancing and more eating.

Overall, the weekend was perfect. We had so much fun at all the different events, and we got lucky with the weather clearing up on Saturday. I'm so happy for Michelle & Jim and I'm excited for them to have a long and happy marriage.

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