Thursday, December 4, 2014

Date 137 - Oh Christmas Tree!

Date: Late November/Early December
Type: At-Home
Cost: $$
Planned By: Both

Adam and I decided decorate our house over the course of about a week and a half. Good plan since we have so many decorations. We currently have two big Christmas trees, two medium size Christmas trees, a small Christmas tree and a ceramic tree. That is 6 trees total. Oh Christmas tree is right!
We have our pretty green, red and purple tree in the living room. It is surrounded by more of our favorite decorations.
We were lucky enough to get our new basement big tree from Debbie and Richard. They decided to get a new one and we adopted their old tree. I chose to make this a green, blue and brown rustic-ish tree. I even made that amazing tree skirt from a Walmart fleece blanket, burlap and hot glue!
In our dining room is our fiber optic tree (given to us by Adam's Aunt Lori a couple years ago).
Our bedroom features a small blue Christmas tree to match our blue walls.
In our upstairs landing area is our medium sized Christmas tree (again, from Aunt Lori). This one has a lot of our childhood ornaments on it. It looks cute in this area.
Our ceramic tree is also in the living room (from my mom!). This one brings back lots of childhood memories along with the Christmas book next to it.
It took a long time to put up all our trees. We enjoyed listening to Christmas music and drinking some mint hot cocoa and Christmas ale while decorating. I'm sure we will continue to build up our Christmas decoration stash, but I think our house is happy with the current amount of holiday cheer.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving in Conneaut with our families. We first had the Neubauer family Thanksgiving on Saturday the 22nd. We had lots of delicious food and good company! I even made a turkey shaped cheese/meat tray. Then we spent Thanksgiving day with my family - watching the parade, doing a one mile turkey trot, getting a little photoshoot and having a yummy dinner.
On Black Friday we went to see Mockingjay Part 1. I am a huge fan of the books - go check out our Hunger Games date night. I was a firm believer that there was no need to make Mockingjay two movies. After seeing the movie I changed my mind. I really enjoyed how they concluded the first half and it was much more action packed than the first half of the book. I think it did a great job setting up for the end of the series!

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