Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Date 138 - Buon Natale!

Date: Saturday, December 6, 2014
Type: Out on The Town, Double
Cost: $$
Planned By: Us, Sarah & Bryan

Adam and I have been living in the Cleveland area for almost 4 years and never made it over to Little Italy. Sarah and Bryan were free and invited us to hang out with them. We all decided to check out Little Italy's Winter Wonderland Weekend. 

First, we met up with them at Fuel Coffee Bar. Adam had a cup of coffee before leaving the house so he opted for a shot of espresso (good call). I got the Dipstick Peppermint Mocha Latte and it was delicious! After we got our coffee fix and chatted a little we started the Art Walk. 
The Art Walk included going through all the different stores and galleries. There were some amazing pieces that I wish we could afford. We all made mental notes and some photo evidence of this we might want in the future. There was also a silent auction going on with decorated Christmas trees. The bidding started at $100 and I was really tempted to bid on one of them, but decided against it. A couple of the art galleries offered wine and snacks and we took them up on that!
The festival also had horse drawn carriage rides. We all took one around Little Italy. It was my first carriage ride and it was very excited. The horse was so cute!
For dinner we went to Mama Santa Pizzeria. Adam and I shared a pizza. It was very good and I would definitely go back for another. 
Our final activity of the night was a wine tasting at the Little Italy Wines store. It was $10 for 5 wines, but we got extremely lucky and ended up with 9 tastings. Some of the wines were older than us! We had a great time trying new wines and some wines that we will probably never be able to find again or afford.
Little Italy is such a quaint little area and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas. We had an awesome time and I'm sad it took us this long to discover all it has to offer. We will definitely be back to see the changing galleries and try more of the restaurants.

On Sunday the 7th Adam and I hosted a Crafty Christmas Party. Some of our friends came over and made Christmas crafts, wrapped presents and filled out Christmas cards. 
Everyone brought a delicious dish to share so we all enjoyed yummy food. The only thing that could have made it better was a Browns win. 
I'm definitely in the holiday spirit and I can't wait for all of our family parties coming up!!

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