Sunday, May 4, 2014

Date 120 - Blurred Limes.

Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Type: Athletic, Out On The Town
Cost: $$
Planned By: Our friend Lauren

Adam and I love Cinco De Mayo. In fact a couple years ago we hosted a Cinco De Mayo Party with a bunch of our college friends.

This year Lauren sent me an email saying that we had to sign up for The Sombrero Shuffle in Tremont. It is a partners based 3 mile race so she wanted Adam and I to compete against her and her dad (John). We happily obliged.

We decided our team name would be Blurred Limes because its punny. We both wore green shirts and headed over to Tremont. We met up with Lauren and her dad and a bunch of other friends of Lauren who were all really nice to get to know.

We walked over to the South Side where the race was starting to pick up our race bibs. They had lots of drink specials so we all had a beer while we were waiting for the race to start.
At the beginning of the race  we got a "passport" with all the things we had to accomplish along the way. There was no set course so we just had to go to all the different stops as quickly as possible. None of the four of us live in Tremont so we mostly followed the crowd.
The five different things we had to get along the way were: Poncho, Sombrero, Maracas, Dos Equis and a Margarita. The people in charge of the race had everything set up so we ran to each of the places and it went pretty quickly. We also stopped for an Oberon at one of the bars in honor of Lauren & John's team name Dos Oberon. The margarita station was our last stop and it was definitely the best.We finished in under 40 minutes, and with all those drinks stops that's pretty good (although I don't think it was actually 3 miles).
At the finish line with photo bombers. 
After the race we hung out with Lauren's friends, watched the Kentucky Derby, had some pizza and beer and called it a night. We were exhausted. This race was a lot of fun so we would probably do it again!

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