Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Date 38 - Fiesta!

Date: Saturday, May 5, 2012
Type: Fun, Group Date, Party
Cost: $$
Planned By: Dani & Adam

For anyone who doesn't know what Cinco De Mayo is (May 5th) it is... Who am I kidding? Everyone knows what it is. It is the date in 1862 when the Mexican army surprisingly defeated France. It is widely celebrated in the United States because of Mexican-American heritage and because their win in that battle helped the United States against France, too.

I mostly celebrate it because I like margaritas, but those are good reasons, too. Every couple months our college friends like to have a little get together if possible. We offered our apartment for May. We couldn't invite too many people since we down sized to a one bedroom, but there was enough room for the people who came.

We started out by making margaritas and playing a card game. The twist to the game was each player had to say the card in Spanish. Adam was the only one who didn't take Spanish (he took French, boo!!)... so it was a fairly easy twist for the rest of us.
When the last person arrived - closer to dinner time - we got the taco bar all set up. We had flour tortillas, taco seasoned ground beef, tortilla chips, queso, salsa, and all the toppings. The tacos were delicious!!
What is a party without a Pinata? Not a very good one.. don't worry we got one! We had to hang it from a door with hanger. We also didn't have a stick to hit it with so we used a kitchen utensil. Still got the job done! Everyone had a great time crawling around on the floor trying to get the candy and little bottles of liquor we put in the pinata.
Adam and I also bought everyone a little shot of Patron Tequila. Adam didn't feel like waking up from his nap to take his. Sean didn't take his because he doesn't like tequila. The rest of us girls attempted to choke it down with salt and a a lime.
Next, we went out to the Warehouse District. We got free mustaches and a sombrero at The Barley House, checked out the cool view of the city at Velvet Dog, and rode the mechanical bull at Tequila Ranch. Our night out on the town was a success.
In the morning we realized we didn't have our ice cream tacos. So we had those for breakfast. Waffle turned in to a shell with ice cream instead. Delicious!
Overall, this Cinco De Mayo was amazing. We all had a great time, and I can't wait till we see our friends again! :)

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