Thursday, May 24, 2012

Date 40 - You Keep Me Running.

Date: May 19th, 2012
Type: Physical, Health, Double
Cost: $$
Planned By: Adam's Parents

Adam and I ran our very first 5K for our date this week. Anyone that was ever in our gym class would know that we weren't the most proficient runners. I could hardly run a mile without needing to walk. In college, though, we were inspired by our former boss & friend, JT, to start running. We discovered it actually wasn't that difficult. So when Adam's parents asked us to do the 5K with them we said yes.
I'm still not that great of a runner so I had to train. Adam is a good runner so he only trained a little. The Rite Aid Cleveland 5K started at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. We ran 3.1 miles through the city seeing the Warehouse District, Tower City, the lake, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, & Progressive Field. It was a really nice tour of downtown Cleveland.
Of course five minutes in to the race I got a cramp. I didn't get any cramps while training so I was pretty upset. The run ended up being much more difficult than I had anticipated. My goal was 30 minutes. I was determined to at least run the whole thing, and Adam stayed with me the whole time to make sure this happened. I finished in 31:06 Adam finished in 31:04. I'm still proud of my time even though I didn't make my goal.. I did run the whole time. Adam could have finished at least five minutes earlier but he stuck with me, and I love him for that.
Adam's parents walked the full 3.1 miles in 54 minutes. Which is a really good walking time and they were proud of! We all had a great time participating in this event together. I hope we can get a bigger group together for next year's. Adam and I will probably start running in more races. We are hoping to do a half marathon (13.1 miles.. my goal would be to finish it) this year, and Adam's main goal is to do the Disney World Marathon someday.

(TOP: us in the background, BOTTOM: Debbie & Richard in the background)
Working out together is a great date. It's good for your body, fun, and releases endorphins which will make you happier. Everyone should try it! :)

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