Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Date 23: You Make My Heart Melt!

Date: 1/21/12
Type: Themed, Creative, Fun
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani
I used the saying "You Make My Heart Melt" to think of a cute date for us this week. I tried to think of a few things that had to do with the word melt, and put them all together to plan a date.

Part 1: I decided we should go to Melt Bar and Grilled for dinner. We had heard really good things about this place. We'd never been there before so we thought we should try it, and what could be a perfect time other than a melt themed date night. We got there around 4PM thinking it would probably be busy any later. We were wrong, it was busy at 4 and we had to wait 45 minutes to eat. It was a little irritating but we waited. They had lots of interesting things hanging on the walls so we played I Spy for a little while. The place was really small so when we finally sat down we were practically sitting right next to two other people. It's OK we didn't mind because we like eaves dropping to keep dinner interesting. Anyway I got the Hot Italian Melt and Adam got the Chorizo & Potato Melt, and they both came with home cut fries. The sandwiches were huge. They were pretty good, but I was expecting something amazing. The fries were delicious. We both decided it wasn't really worth the wait or calories/cholesterol, but it was still a pretty good dinner.
Part 2: What is a type of dessert that already seems melted? A Milkshake! So we used our margarita maker as a blender and made two different types of milkshakes, Mint Oreo and KitKat/Reese. Here's how we made them:
Mint Oreo Milkshake:
Put 4 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, 1.5 cups of milk, 1/2 cup creme de menth in blender and blend a little. Then add oreos and blend to preferred consistency. Garnish the top with extra oreo crumbs.
KitKat & Reese Milkshake:
Put 3 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, 1.5 cups of milk in blender and blend a little. Then add Kit Kats and Reeses and blend to preferred consistency. Garnish the top with leftover candy.
They were pretty yummy, and it was fun making them together.

Part 3: I had to find a fun activity for us that involved something that melts. Because its winter and snow melts I thought a fun winter activity would be good. Building a snow man was the first thing that came to mind. We live in an apartment building so we don't have a yard to build a snow man in, but we do have a balcony that had some snow on it. We made two little snow people, one to represent each of us. We used some bamboo skewers for the arms, a piece of orange straw for the noses, and left over oreos for everything else. We made sure our snow people were holding hands so they had company and went back inside. The next morning they melted :(
Melt Bar & Grilled: 6/10 - long wait, a little expensive, food not as good as we were expecting
Milkshakes: 8/10 - a little too much creme de menth in the mint oreo, reese & kit kats are a little funny together, but they were both still very good!
Snowman Building: 10/10 - building things together is always fun. :)

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