Thursday, November 21, 2013

Date 106 - just Once.

Date: Saturday, November 16, 2013
Type: Out On The Town
Cost: $
Planned By: Adam

Adam and I have been to many musicals at Cleveland's Playhouse Square while doing this blog. This one was a bit out of the ordinary. Once started off Broadway in 2011. It was made in to a musical based on the movie of the same name. Once hit the Broadway stage in 2012, and successfully won 8 Tony awards. Also fun fact, the original leading lady is now the Mother on How I Met Your Mother!
Once was a beautiful musical, and I mentioned above that it was out of the ordinary. That is because it does not have a live orchestra because the actors play all the music themselves throughout. It was amazing to see them all playing pianos, violins, guitars, drums, etc, while acting, dancing and singing! I was highly impressed.
Another difference between Once and regular musical performances is that they allowed the audience up on the stage before the show started, and during intermission to use the set's bar. We walked up and around and it was really cool being on such a large stage and being able to see the props up close!

The music and story was wonderful. There were some very serious moments, but also many funny times during the performance. The last scene and song was very powerful, and it made me a bit teary.
I would recommend this musical to everyone, and after seeing it I can see why it won so many awards!

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