Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Date 108 - Be Thankful!

Date: Thanksgiving
Type: Family
Cost: $
Planned By: The Government & Pilgrims

Every year Adam and I celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. Check out what we did last year and two years ago

We went to the Neubauer Family Thanksgiving dinner in Conneaut on the 23rd. We had lots of good food, and it was really nice catching up with Adam's family. We also got to watch all the kids run around, play pool and climb poles like monkeys! 
Then on Thanksgiving Day we went back to Conneaut. We spent some time in the morning with Adam's mom. Then we went over to my parents house to watch the end of the parade, see the dog show and play some games. We had dinner with my family at my grandma's house. We had lots of yummy food, and again got to catch up with a bunch of family members. 
On Saturday we had Adam's parents over for a simple Thanksgiving dinner at our house. They also helped us put up curtains and fix a few things around our house. I made boneless turkey, stuffing, broccoli cheese casserole and rolls for dinner. Debbie brought a tasty gingerbread fluff dessert. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures. :(

Overall, it was a very quick Thanksgiving. Because we just bought the house and had to work it wasn't extended through black Friday or the whole weekend this year, which was sad. We enjoyed the time we had with our families though! :)

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