Sunday, January 5, 2014

Date 111 - Jingle All The Way.

Date: Christmas 2013
Type: Family/Friends
Cost: $$$
Planned By: All

December 21st:
First, we went over to the Davey's house to see my aunts and uncle. We had some beer and snacks. We had fun talking about our houses and the upcoming weddings, and got some nice gifts!

Then we had the Neubauer Family Christmas Party at Adam's parents house. We all had a great time with our potluck dinner and drinks. The 8 little kids loved their presents and watched the Polar Express after meeting Santa! The adults had a secret santa gift exchange. We got a cute little collapsible colander and some coasters which we are very happy with!
December 24th:
First, we had to work in the morning. Before we left for Conneaut we took some Christmas photos of ourselves.
We went over to the Plosila's for our annual Christmas Eve Pizza Party. The pizza and other snacks were delicious. We had a great time hanging out with my family for a few hours.

Then we went over to Adam's parent's house to exchange gifts with his parents, Hayley, Josh and our niece and nephew. Everyone liked all their gifts, and the kids had to get back home to go to bed before Santa came.

December 25th:
We started out by going to Hayley's to watch the kids open presents from Santa. They got some really cool gifts this year. And now that they are getting older they are super fast at opening everything.
Then we went over to my mom's for breakfast and to hang out for a little bit. We got to have my mom's traditional quiche breakfast unlike the rest of the family because we were the only ones there. It was good!

Then we went back over to Adam's parents for Christmas Dinner with his mom's side of the family. We had lots of good food and got some really nice presents from the family! Sadly, we had to go back home that night to work the next day.

December 28th:
Feliz Navidad! Adam and I hosted a Mexican Christmas Party at our house for my mom, Rob, Grandma, Michelle, Jim, Amanda and Zak. Michelle did a great job make most of the food. We had Sangria, jello shots and (of course) margaritas! We exchanged gifts and everyone was happy with their new stuff. Then we exchanged our gag gift secret santa presents and we had lots of fun laughing at what we all got. I got a Team Gale mug.. and if you know me at all this is the exact opposite of what I would want so it was quite funny. Don't worry, I'm just going to cross it out and write Peeta. :) We also had a photobooth in our spare bedroom. We used props that Amanda Word designed for me. They were awesome and we got a lot of great photos, and had lots of fun!

Other Holiday Events:
1. I made lots of cookies.

2. Cooper and Lorena visited us for dinner and Cards Against Humanity

3. Allyson and Hannah visited on New Years Eve

Overall, this holiday season was exhausting but definitely worth it!

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