Thursday, October 22, 2015

Date 156 - prOUd!

Date: October 17, 2015
Type: Travel
Cost: $$$
Planned By: Family!

So as some of you know a lot of my family went to Ohio University (Me, Adam, Michelle, Jim, my mom, my dad, and two uncles). I also somehow have a cousin who went to Miami. Muck Fiami! Anyway... Adam and I try to go back to OU at least once a year because its a great place to spend a day. This year my mom wanted to go back so her, Rob, Michelle, Jim, Amanda, Tash, Adam and I made a special trip together.

We all met up in Columbus the night before to make the drive to Athens a bit easier in the morning.
I have a problem with needing to see ALL the snapchat geofilters

For breakfast Michelle made delicious muffins - lemon blueberry, banana oatmeal and peanut butter chocolate chip. We all drove down to Athens, parked then walked over to Peden for the football game.
We got to the game with enough time to settle in to the Student Section for pre-game. We mostly go to OU games to see the marching 110 (being former bandos ourselves) - so pre-game was exciting. It was also band day so dozens of high school bands filled the field with the 110 for both pre-game and half time. We watched the game, got some popcorn, an really enjoyed the half time performance. Then like a good portion of the crowd we left. The game wasn't very exciting anyway.
We had some fun shopping at the College Bookstore where Adam and I got OU beer bottle socks and I got a new neon tank top. Then we all went over to Jackie O's for some craft beer. We got a couple pitchers to share - Kinda Fuzzy, OPA and I think Firefly? Some alumni sitting nearby also gave us their untouched pitcher of Mystic Mama. We were quite disappointed that RazzWheat wasn't on tap.
After beer, we checked in to the Baymont Inn, changed and walked to Court Street. We decided to have dinner at China King - which was amazing until we all ate too much and felt a little crappy later. I don't regret the decision though. Then we went over to Broney's for a champagne slushie, then Tony's for a Hot Nut, then it was time for Prime Time. We all got a Black Out or 2 - then mom and Rob went back to the hotel. The rest of us hung out for awhile at Pawpurr's. Then we went across the street to Pigskin for some Black Widows and Vegas Bombs. I think some people were watching the Ohio State game - but I wasn't paying attention. We then decided it was time for food - O'Betty's and Good Fellas FTW. Then we walked back to the hotel and watched some Amy Shumer stand up which was hilarious.
Overall, a great weekend in Athens. We all felt a little old but hey we're not in college anymore. Can't wait to go back! Once a bobcat always a bobcat!

We also went over to Lauren's the weekend before to celebrate OU homecoming with some of our friends in Cleveland. Here are a few photos from that event:

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