Friday, March 25, 2016

Date 162 - Luck O' The Irish!

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2016
Type: Family, Theme
Cost: $
Planned By: Miche & Mandy

As most of you are well aware at this point my family has three birthday celebrations a year: Michelle & Zak in December/January... Amanda & Adam in July/August... and Me & Jim in February/March.

Michelle and Manda planned mine and Jim's birthday party around St. Patrick's Day. We all met up at Michelle & Jim's in Columbus.

First, we had homemade Reubens courtesy of our chef, Michelle. They were delicious. We also complemented them nicely with some green beer.
Next, we enjoyed Michelle's homemade birthday dessert - Irish Car Bomb Trifle. The trifle consisted of Guinness chocolate cake, Jameson caramel, and Bailey's cream frosting. It was amazing!

Present time!! Jim got some games and a Fargo poster. I got an iPhone camera lens, an bag insert for camera gear, bluetooth headphones, a stamp, Miche-knitted photo frames, and a new memory card! Then we surprised Manda with a Fitbit!!
Amanda came prepared with a great new game. It was supposed to be an Irish scavenger hunt but she made it in to an Easter Egg Hunt Drinking Game. There were five of us playing (because sadly Jim wasn't feeling well). One person hid the eggs. Each egg had a command within. If you found an egg you'd run back to the person who hid them and do what the egg said. They were mostly about drinking but some including doing a somersault, doing the Thriller dance, spinning, etc. The hardest ones were finishing your drink, do an Irish Car Bomb, take a shot, etc. We played twice and its was so much fun! Brought back childhood memories of randomly playing Easter Egg hunt throughout the year but this time with an added twist of drinking!
After playing the games we decided not to go out to the Irish pub for dinner since Jim still wasn't feeling well so we ordered pizza and continued drinking beer. We then did normal things the rest of the night - running around Michelle's house for Fitbit steps, Manda doing some Scottish dancing, Michelle playing the ukulele, lots of singing, trying to play hot potato but failing, selfies.. you know normal stuff. 
We had a great time in Columbus celebrating mine and Jim's birthday even though Jim was out for the count a lot of the time. At least he got to be there since it was in his house!

Now we can all look forward to Amanda and Adam's birthday celebration in the summer!

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