Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Date 164 - The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle!

Date: Friday, April 29, 2016
Type: Special Occasion/Travel
Cost: $ multiplied by a lot
Planned By: Adam & OU
Adam started his Master's of Business Administration degree back in May 2014. He decided to attend Ohio University and use their online program. Because of the flexibility of the online program he was able to continuing working full time.

Adam graduated with his MBA on April 29th at the graduate commencement ceremony at the Convocation Center in Athens, Ohio. I am so proud of his accomplishment. It was not an easy two years but the end product was worth it. He worked extremely hard throughout the two years and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Adam, Debbie and I arrived in Athens on the 28th. We stayed at the OU Inn which is a nice walk to uptown Athens. We had dinner at Broney's - complete with champagne slushies. We then went over to Pigskin for a Black Widow. Then shuffled over to Lucky's and Cat's Eye to see some of the NFL draft. We ended our night at Jackie O's for some of their awesome beer. It was a fun night in Athens minus being too old to be carded. Ugh.
Commencement started at 9:30AM. We watched Adam walk in and take his seat. We also watched every doctorate candidate get their hood - which was the bulk of the ceremony. Then they quickly went through all the master's students. Alma Mater Ohio tied it all together at the end and that was it - he graduated!! (Video by Debbie)
We walked uptown for some photos on college green and some shopping. We then walked back towards the hotel, getting some photos around the convo then back to the hotel. We then had to say good-bye to OU. Its always a little sad, but we know we'll be back soon!
Haven't changed a bit.
Michelle, Manda, Zak and Jim came to our house on May 7th to celebrate a little. Michelle made delicious and adorable graduation cap cupcakes. They also gave Adam a framed Alma Mater Ohio photo. It will look great with all our diplomas - when we finally hang those up. We had a fun night together - especially dinner at Don Ramon!
Again, I am so very very proud of Adam! Congratulations!! You did it! <3

P.S. Maybe we'll have more time for dates and updating this silly blog in the near future now.

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