Sunday, August 21, 2011

Date 1 - Ahoy Matey!

Day: Saturday, 8/20/11
Type: Typical, Themed
Cost: $$
Planned By: Dani

Weekly date night has officially commenced. Our first date night was planned by me. I decided to make it a themed date night, and chose Caribbean so we could possibly relive our honeymoon. It was a casual and typical date night, with nothing too spectacular planned for the night. We had dinner, went to a movie, and had a couple drinks afterward.

First, we went to dinner and decided to go to Bahama Breeze in Orange Village, OH.
This restaurant is Bahama themed, and is probably one of the best Caribbean themed restaurants in the area considering we're in Cleveland, OH. It is a chain restaurant, but doesn't have too many locations. We thought we would try it out since we'd both never been there before, but pass by it all the time. The waiters and hosts were all wearing a floral button down shirt, I was waiting for them all to break out in to song and dance, but that didn't happen. The decor and music was appropriate for a Caribbean themed restaurant. We were seated right away, but no one came to our table for 10-15 minutes to take our drink orders. We were a little irritated by this because we were already running late on our date schedule. Finally, someone picked up the slack of the waitress we were suppose to have. Had they waited another couple minutes we may have just left (this has happened to us before). So we were ready to order our food at the same time as drink orders since we had so much time to look at the menu. We both just got water, boring I know. I ordered the Chicken Santiago.
This dish was a piece of grilled chicken with peppers, onions, and salsa on top. The chicken was very good and juicy. The vegetables and salsa on top gave it a nice kick. It also came with some interesting type of potatoes. I'm pretty sure they were fried, but had a sweet taste to them but also seemed undone. They were OK, but Adam ate a bunch of them for me. Adam decided to order the Buttermilk Fried Chicken.
It was layered with spinach, tomatoes, and melted cheese. On the side were garlic mashed potatoes and roasted corn salsa. Adam seemed to enjoy it. There were many other dishes to chose from. They had a fresh fish menu, but we both don't like seafood. They had a wide variety of appetizers, but like I had said earlier we were running late. We both really enjoyed the food and agreed that it seemed to have a Caribbean taste to it. After finishing our meals we were still angry about having to wait so long for service until the manager came over with our waiter and offered dessert on the house. We happily agreed to having free dessert. I had the Dolce de Leche Cheesecake and Adam had the home made Key Lime Pie.
The cheesecake was delicious and came with fresh fruit. Adam really enjoyed his pie. We had just enough time to finish our dessert and leave to get to the movie on time.

Because we are trying to save money we decided to go to the Willoughby Hills dollar theater, or known as Phoenix Theater's Movies 10.
The price of a movie after 6:30PM is only $2.00, which we thought was perfect. In honor of our Caribbean date night we saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. We have seen all of the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but hadn't seen this one yet. Thankfully, Johnny Depp was still in the movie and was as funny as ever. There were some pretty good action scenes and of course a couple love stories. It was overall a good movie, but it doesn't really compare to the first two. I wouldn't have wanted to pay $10.00 to see it, but it was well worth the $2.00!

After the movie we came home for our favorite Caribbean drink, a MARGARITA! Why pay $8.00 for it at Bahama Breeze when we can get it for free-ish at home, thanks to our awesome Margaritaville Margarita Maker.
They were delicious as always. We also enjoyed playing a game with our tropical drink playing cards that we purchased on our honeymoon. Overall the date was a lot of fun, and stuck to the theme. I can't wait to see what Adam has planned for next week!

Bahama Breeze: 8/10 - good service once it got there, good atmosphere, delicious and reasonably priced food.
Phoenix Theatres Willoughby Hills Movies 10: 9/10 good price, comfortable seats, a little out of our way
Margaritas: 10/10 - always wonderful :)

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  1. Reading this made me hungry - and I just finished dinner, too! Looks like a fun date night, for sure.