Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Date 2 - Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Day: Friday, 8/26/11
Type: Sporty/Casual
Cost: $
Planned By: Adam

Adam planned date number 2! This date was casual and sporty. It was also very cheap. Because we are both big fans of baseball and our home town team Adam decided to take us to a Cleveland Indian's baseball game, paid by Progressive. The tickets were free, the food was free, and the entertainment was great!

We started the date by meeting in downtown Cleveland after work. As we walked to Progressive Field together we saw the Avengers movie scene. I thought it just looked like road construction, and it is probably just as or more annoying than road construction.

After gawking for about 30 seconds at nothing we continued to the ball park.
Progressive had a huge tent for all of their employees with free food, music, drinks, and more.
For dinner we had an All American meal: hot dogs, potato salad, and potato chips. We could have an endless amount of food until 8PM. I think Adam ate 7 hot dogs overall.

After eating we made our way to our lower level, left field seats. Our seats were in foul ball territory, and I was a little nervous that I would get hit in the face, but none came to us.

So for those of you who weren't a big fan of the Indians in the 90s, something very exciting happened at this game. Jim Thome came home. Jim Thome played for the Indians from 1991-2002. He was part of the team when we were actually winning games and had a chance at the world series. He is one of Cleveland's favorite athletes. He has has the most home runs out of all Indian's players in history. Another fun fact is that he has had the most walks out of all Indian's players. The staff at the field decided to give out Welcome THOME signs to the crowd. We were very excited! The staff decided to do a video of some of Jim Thome's greatest moments while on the Indians. When they announced his arrival the first shot of Jim Thome was him lying on the ground getting his legs stretched out. I don't know about you guys, but that would be embarrassing. It was really funny, but the video was actually very touching and full exciting moments.

It was a close and exciting game. We were playing the Kansas City Royals. They are last in our division, but we still struggled to get some runs. It was tied 1-1 in the 8th. We had the bases loaded, and the Royals walked in our winning run! Not as exciting as winning with a home run, but hey a win is a win. Jim Thome did not have a very good hitting night, actually it was really bad.

After the game were the Country Music Night fireworks show. Adam and I really like country music so we enjoyed it. The fireworks were also very exciting and flash!

Overall, is was fun and exciting date!

Food: 10/10, free and good!
Game: 9/10, the winning run could have been more exciting, but we won!
Fireworks: 10/10, very good music and a great fireworks show!

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