Thursday, April 19, 2012

Date 35 - Easy As Pie!

Date: Saturday, April 14, 2012
Type: Simple, Fun
Cost: $
Planned By: Dani

So I'm sure that everyone reading this has seen the American Pie movies. Can you believe the first one came out 13 years ago? I was 10. That is a little young to be watching that sort of movie, but oh well. Anyway, American Reunion just came out and they brought back the original cast from the first American Pie movie!

Adam and I went and saw American Reunion at the Tower City Cinemas. You'd think it would be way more expensive to see a movie downtown, but the matinee was only $6.50! The movie was pretty funny, and ridiculous just like the other ones. We enjoyed it, but I probably would have preferred to rent it rather than spend money going to a movie theater. It was still good though, and I was great having all the original characters.
So what do you crave after seeing American Pie? Apple Pie! I'm sure that's what you were going to guess. Adam and I baked our very first Apple Pie! We aren't that talented of bakers, but it was great trying something new together. We got the recipe from my sister, Michelle (who actually is a talented baker). We used store bought crust but the filling was from scratch. The recipe called for eight granny smith apples, which we discovered was too many. Adam peeled all the apples and I cut and sliced them. I also cut my finger, but don't worry I didn't bleed to death. We mixed all the ingredients and combined it with the apples and shoved it all in to the store bought crust. It didn't fit very well. We baked it for awhile, and when it became golden brown we removed it. It's not the prettiest apple pie we'd ever seen, but it tasted pretty good. It actually ended up tasting better the next day while cold, but either way it was a success!
This was a super fun and easy date... well, minus actually making the pie.. that wasn't too easy. Anyway... go on out there and make a pie with your sweetie pie! :)

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