Thursday, April 26, 2012

Date 36 - Break A Leg!

Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012 
Type: Mature, Culture, Classy!
Cost: $$$
Planned By: Adam

One thing Adam and I have completely in common is our love for theater. We met while in a drama class, and have performed in my plays and musicals together. Although we haven't performed since high school we still enjoy watching a great play or musical. Now that we live in Cleveland's Theater District we are going to take advantage of the great productions that come to Cleveland starting with this date.
For Valentine's Day Adam gave me tickets to a play or musical for after we moved downtown. I got to pick what we'd go see. I looked up April shows and decided on the Addam's Family Musical. When I was a child The Addam's Family scared me, but that's not surprising because I'm easily scared. I was pretty sure that musical wouldn't be too scary.
The musical was being performed in the Palace Theater. It was a beautiful theater with great architecture. We sat in the upper balcony near the middle, it was a little far from the stage, but the view was still good. Maybe if we become regulars at the theater I will buy those cute little binoculars.
The musical was quite funny. All the actors were very talented. My favorite character was Wednesday, but Uncle Fester was hilarious. The songs were really creative and were stuck in my head for hours after the show.
After the musical we wanted to get an post-show dessert. It was way too cold to walk around downtown to find a place. So we bought a couple cupcakes and ate them at home.
Adam and I had a wonderful time at the theater. I can't wait to go back... Beauty and The Beast is coming in November!

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