Thursday, June 28, 2012

Date 45 - We're All Here 'Cause We're Not All There!

Date: June 22 - June 24
Type: Travel, Friends, Fun
Cost: Way too much.
Planned By: Both & Friends

VACATION!!! Adam and I went on a two night three day little vacation with some of our college friends to Put-In-Bay. It was a bit of a reunion for some of us. After we all graduated last year we  all moved to different cities. For example, Allyson moved to Indonesia with the Peace Corp and we hadn't seen her in over a year. Its always fun and crazy when we get together.
We all stayed in a little six person suite at the Bay Lodging Resort on the island. Put-In-Bay is an island in Lake Erie, if you didn't know. It was actually very nice and the hotel staff was great.
Four of us (Adam, Allyson, Lauren and I) arrived on Friday. We spent time at the Buckeye Tiki Bar connected to our Hotel and then went over to the Dizzy Lizard Swim Up Bar. We had a great dinner at the Put-In-Bay Brewing Company. We played some games in the hotel room and then went out for the rest of the night. Before we went back to the suite we decided to play in park. There were at least three different play sets. With things like slides, swings, little rock climbing walls, spinning things and tons of other stuff. It was a lot of fun!

The next day the rest of the party was planning to arrive. Before they got there we went back to the pool, had lunch at Mossbacks Island Bar & Grill, and then went to Heineman's Winery. At the winery you buy a bottle and they give you little cups so you can share. We ended up trying all four sweet wines; Sweet Concord, Pink Catawba, Sweet Belle, and Niagara. Which actually ended up being about a bottle each. They were all fantastic, though! Across the street was the Fort Amaz'n Maze, and we thought it was a brilliant idea to go do this. It was a much harder maze than we expected but it was a lot of fun until we realized we were too old for these things. I sprained my ankle and Lauren & I both got a splinter. The good news was Laura, Sean and Penny had arrived on the island while we were finishing the maze!
We all were reunited and hungry. So we went to the Boardwalk for dinner. It is nice restaurant with outside seating overlooking the lake. We got to see pirate ships shooting canons. It was a little distracting, but still pretty cool. After dinner we went straight to the Dollar House for the Put-In-Bay Winery. We didn't drink another four bottles don't worry. The rest of the night was pretty chaotic. We went back to the room, went to some bars, saw some fireworks, played in a boat, danced and had a good time.

The last day Sean, who worked in Put-In-Bay, took us on a tour. First, we saw the monument. Then we got a golf cart and took a ride and hike to the beach. It was a small beach and hidden. Then we went to the South Bass Island State Park on the other side of the island. Then we saw another hidden treasure that Sean found. It was some sort of rock/cliff formation. Then we got ice cream and decided it was time to go back to reality and go home.

We had a fabulous time with all our friends this weekend. There are so many things to see in Put-In-Bay that I think we'll all have to plan another trip for next year!

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