Thursday, June 7, 2012

Date 42 - Something Old, Something New.

Date: Saturday, June 2, 2012
Type: Travel, Fun
Cost: $$
Planned By: Adam

We went to Athens this past weekend. During our stay at OU we made a point to check out our old favorite places and new places that have popped up since we've left. Here is a list of what we did and saw.

1. We took a nice long walk around campus. Not much has really changed. Some new traffic signs, but overall still the same beautiful campus we left.
2. We went to Rio Grande for dinner. We will never get sick of their jumbo margaritas and chips & salsa.

man.. I really hate people who don't understand how to use a camera.
3. We hung out with old friends. They aren't old, as in age, we've just been friends with them for awhile, and it was good to see them!
4. We went to O'Betty's for cheese fries.
5. We made sure to get a champagne slushie at Broneys.
6. We made sure to get a Black Out at Pawpurrs and a Crystal Ball and free popcorn at the Crystal.
7. We stayed at the Sigma Kappa house.

1. We got a slushie at Pawpurrs. They have a brand new slushie machine. We got the lemonade flavor. It was pretty good! Not as good at Broney's champagne slushie or their own signature black out, but still good.
2. We went to J Bar. The re-done Junction. It is so much nicer, but just isn't the same. My feet didn't stick to the floor, there was room to walk around and the second floor actually looked like you wouldn't fall through.

3. O'betty's opened another store. Its larger and nicer, but we still went to the original one for our fries.
4. Wings Over Athens is new. We didn't go there, we ate too much everywhere else.
5. We also got our first parking ticket. Boo. Meters in Cleveland aren't enforced on weekends. We always thought meters in Athens weren't actually enforced either... I guess that's new or we just never knew.

We had a lot of fun exploring what was new, and also revisiting some of our favorite places. We are getting a little old for OU, so we'll probably wait until homecoming to visit again. It's an exhausting place to visit.

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