Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Date 92 - Go Fourth.

Date: Fourth of July Weekend 2013!
Type: Busy, Out, Friends
Cost: $$
Planned By: Both & Friends

Adam and I had an extremely busy 4th of July weekend. We both had Thursday off so we decided to also take Friday off and turn it in to a four day weekend!

Thursday - 4th of July!
First, we went to Conneaut. We laid out by the pool at Adam's parent's house. Then we went to my mom's for our family picnic. We ate too much, but it was all really good! Next, we went over to Adam's for dinner with his parents. We ate too much there too, but it was also really good!
When we got back to Cleveland we decided to go to the Flats with our friend Dave to see the fireworks. We also met up with Susie while we hung out at the Schooters. We had a great view from their deck, and when the fireworks were over everyone cleared out and we sat up on the rooftop deck. We caught up with them for a couple hours, and then walked home. Yes, walked from the flats to our apartment on the other side of downtown. It actually wasn't that bad.
We didn't do too much. We were really lazy and laid in bed most of the day. It was really nice to sleep in! That night we went to Hibachi in Strongsville with some friends. Then we went over to Tasha & Bobby's house for a little bonfire and s'mores! Then we went home and went to bed. We may not have done much, but it was a very relaxing day off of work.

We decided a beach day was a must for Fourth of July weekend. Tash joined Adam and I at Edgewater Park on the West side of Cleveland.  We stayed there for a few hours and got a nice tan. We also got ice cream at the Honey Hut! It was really nice just laying on the beach all afternoon.
That night we met up with the one and only Megan McFadden who surprised us by being in Cleveland for the weekend! We got a couple drinks with her at City Tap!
Adam and I met up with Lauren at the Rocky River Reservation. This place was huge, and had so many different walking/hiking paths! The views of the river and hills and trees were outstanding. We saw a few different creatures like frogs, turtles and birds. We had a great time and it was good exercise. Afterwards we all went to the Rocky River Brewing Company for a late lunch and to try their beer! 
Overall, this weekend was wonderful! We saw so many of our friends, and even had a lot of time for relaxation! I wish every weekend was a four day weekend.

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