Saturday, October 19, 2013

Date 101 - You've Been A-Hauntin' My Dreams

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Type: Out on the Town
Cost: $$
Planned By: Adam

Adam likes scary things. I hate scary things, but to be nice I agreed to go to a haunted house. There are many haunted houses to choose from around Cleveland. We decided to go to The Fear Experience in Parma.

We got there right when they opened. Waiting in lines for haunted houses is terrible, so we were happy to get there super early. We walked in and only had to wait a couple minutes before it was our turn. There were four houses total, but they were pretty much connected so we didn't get to calm down in between. By we, I mean me... I didn't get to calm down.

The houses had really great effects and sets. I was very impressed at how well they constructed them. In some we had to crawl or find our way through a maze in complete darkness. I got scared many times, but it was OK because Adam let me hang on to him. He was laughing at me most of the time so I think he had a good time!

There was also a fire breather. She was really cool, and I'm glad we got to see her because they only have the fire breather on select nights.

Overall, we were there for about twenty minutes and the houses were really good, but the price was too high to go again. We're happy we went to a great haunted house, and if you have extra money I would recommend it. 

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