Monday, January 5, 2015

Date 140 - Making Spirits Bright!

Date: Christmas 2014
Type: Holiday & Family
Cost: $$$$$

Adam and I started planning and decorating for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving. We were both excited to see family and have our house filled with pretty decorations.

Our first party was on the 20th with the Neubauer Family. Highlights: Santa & Mrs. Clause came, had our secret Santa gift exchange, we made Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer, etc.
Then we celebrated Christmas Eve with a church service and the traditional pizza at the Plosilas. Highlights: Uncle John's homemade wine and pizza.

On Christmas day we went over to see the Davey Clan then back to Debbie & Richards for Christmas dinner and gift exchange with his family. Christmas night was devoted to the two of us and Obi. Highlights: Davey brewed beer, Lasagna, Family Shot, Harry Potter Blu Ray Pack, Sound Bar, Obi's opening presents, White Cranberry Champagne Spritzer, Family Photos with Obi, exchanging stockings, etc.
On Saturday my whole family came over for our Christmas Fiesta and to exchange gifts. Highlights: Sangria, Jello Shots, Mexican Food, Popcorn Machine, Gag Gift exchange, seeing Amanda & Zak's wedding photos. Unhighlight/Lowlight (is this a thing): Becoming sick with the stomach flu and everyone leaving early.
Christmas would have been awesome if everyone around us, including us, didn't get the stomach flu. We still had a great time seeing family between illnesses, but the Christmas Blues definitely hit hard after all the parties were over.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and happy new year!! P.S. Our NYE consisted of going to Applebees for Dinner then spending the night at home playing Just Dance 2015 and hanging out with the 4 deer that decided to take a nap in our front yard with our fake Christmas deer. It was adorable.

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