Saturday, January 5, 2013

Date 69 - It's Christmas Time in the City!

Date: Saturday, December 22nd - Tuesday, December 25th
Type: Family, Home, Travel, Holiday
Cost: $$$
Planned By: Both

Yay.. it's finally Christmas! This was our 5th Christmas as a couple. Last year was our first as a married couple so we learned a lot and prepared a lot earlier this year!
Saturday, December 22nd:
Adam, Obi and I spent Saturday celebrating Christmas as a family. We slept in a little which was nice. After we woke up we started opening presents. Obi got to open his first since it was his first Christmas. He got a wand toy with a butterfly and bell, a mint chew toy, and ten plastic springs! He liked them all except the mint thing.. maybe he'll like it later. Adam and I made lists and I bought everything we really wanted. There weren't many surprises under our tree, but we got a lot of stuff. I got a new pearl necklace with matching earrings, new jeans, new brown flats, and Dunkin' Doughnuts mint mocha coffee. Adam got two new shirts, a fogless shower mirror, cologne, and a new alarm. We also got a few things for both of us: season 2 and 3 of Modern Family, a Chopstir, a baggie holder, a grocery bag one trip holder, and the Martini board game. We made out pretty well. Obi got one more big gift.. a cat tree! We were so excited to get this for him. We had some problems with it early on, but its it fine now. I was expecting him to immediately love it and play on it, but instead he fell off from a high level and didn't really like it after that. He's started to warm up to it and likes to climb it like a tree and runs up to the top to get toys. I hope he ends up loving it in the near future, though.
We decided to have a special Italian dinner for our Christmas. We made Olive Garden copy-cat Zuppa Toscana soup, Lasagna and Garlic Bread. It was our first time making the soup and lasagna and they both turned out surprisingly well! We also ate some of the cookies we made for dessert. After dinner we finished getting everything ready for the rest of the Christmas festivities. When that was finally over we snuggled up and watch Elf and enjoyed each others company for the rest of our little family's Christmas.
Sunday, December 23rd:
Got up and got ready for our trip to Conneaut. As soon as we were packed and ready to go we took quick family Christmas photos. I think they turned out pretty well. Our first stop was the big Neubauer Family Christmas party. We had lots of good food, Santa visited, watched all the kids open gifts, took family pictures, and played Bingo. We won lots of candy and some other fun things during Bingo so I'd have to say we left as winners.
Next, we went to my family's Feliz Navidad Fiesta. We had our first ever Mexican themed Christmas. Michelle made most of the food including: enchiladas, carnitas, rice, shrimp salad, and key lime pie. We contributed by bringing 7 layer taco dip, tequila, margarita mix and our margarita maker! Amanda made some delicious Sangria. It was a wonderful meal, and I hope we make it a tradition. Then we opened up gifts. We decided to do a gag gift secret santa this year which went off without a hitch. Everyone's gifts were really funny and it made for an entertaining first hour of gift opening. Then we went on to the real gifts. I got a new wallet, black flats, 1" hair curler, 1" hair straightener, style station, magnetic makeup board, a cute holder for our bathroom sink, tickets to see Stomp, four gourmet salsa's, tortilla chips, and a tortilla chip and salsa bowl. Adam got some money, a penguin pillow, the first season of Modern Family, the second season of How I Met Your Mother, Browns beer coozies, and a shot roulette game! We were very happy with all of our presents from my family. After present opening we watching some TV and played some games.
Monday, December 24th:
We spent most of the day at my mom's house relaxing. For dinner we went to my Uncle John's for our annual pizza dinner with my mom's side of the family. The pizza and other food was very good like usual. Then the whole family played a talking charades type game. It got everyone interacting and laughing together and was ultimately a good time!
Next, we went to Adam's parent's house to exchange gifts before our neice and nephew had to go to bed. They are really cute when opening presents and this year they both liked the ones we got them! I had to put together Madi's princess doll bed, which, I admit took me much longer than it should have.. but I blame the wine. Anyway, Adam and I got some wine slushie makers, modern cocktail mixers, grey good vodka (which we have never ever bought for ourselves), a travel bag for our margartia maker, a velata fondue set, a nice Under Armour OU polo for Adam, and a rolling laundry cart. We love everything we got and I was super excited for the Margarita Maker Travel Bag.. I'm going to bring that thing everywhere!! Afterwards we socialized for a bit longer then went to bed so Santa would come.
Tuesday, December 25th - Christmas:
We woke up and went over to Hayley's house to watch Madi and Jensen open all their presents from Santa. Every year they seem to be more excited about Santa, and I think its adorable. They must have been good kids this year because Santa treated them very well!
Next, we went over to my dad's side of the family for some gift exchanging and snacks. We had a great time talking to them and watching How to Train a Dragon. Although, we had to leave before the end so I think we'll have to rent it to finish it.
Last, we spent the rest of evening at Adam's parents for Christmas dinner. Debbie made ham, turkey and roast beef to have on sandwiches! It was really good, and all the side dishes and desserts were yummy, too! The last of the gift exchange happened after dinner. We hung out with the family for a couple more hours than decided it was time to go home.
It was nice to be back in Cleveland with baby, Obi, but we had a great time seeing all of our family while in Conneaut. :)

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